Why bag this acievement?

Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by FLY BY, Aug 9, 2002.

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    <b>why don't you prove me that this car has great handling! the old corvette's didn't have the good handling that they do now! i got that of a test driver of motor trend! so shutup! and i got the point that this car was made in 1988... how many times do you have to say that!
    and you said great acceleration... well ten seconds in the quarter mile with 880 hp is pretty pathetic! well it might be good for 1988, but is pathetic nowdays! and you said great handling, how do you know that this car has great handling... why don't you prove to me that it has great handling.

    and callaway isn't gonna make another of these cars with a newer corvette cuase they wouldn't want to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars like they did before! and also i'm sick adn tired of listening to you to... everytime i say something your the next one to reply. I didn't ask you to say something and i'm gettign anoyed by the way you TYPE SOME SENTENCES LIKE THIS! it makes me wonder whether you can drive or not since you type like a little boy!

    So when I say stuff i'm not asking you to reply, get a life ok! go to some other forums besides corvette and saleen forums! ever thought of looking at what people say in other forums that aren't american cars!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    What mistakes have I made little boy, you're the one that uses words like "costomable", like come on man, for you're own sake use a spell checker cause you make too many mistakes, so don't try and make me laugh by saying you have good enough grammer/spelling skills to correct mine! <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">

    And buddy I reply any time I hear some idiot shooting his mouth (and most people will agree you happen to be one of the bigger idiots on this forum). In other words I'll reply anytime I want, don't like then go cry.

    And what issue of motor trend was that by the way?

    The reason this car is such a big deal, is because after so long it still holds the record for highest top speed for a street legal car.
    Ofcourse on the track there are many cars these days that can beat it, but the fact it still holds the record to this day makes it a car that does deserve some respect.
    In 10 years should we also call the Mclaren a shit car because so many cars then would be able to beat it? Ofcourse NOT!
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    <b>I see all this talk about acceleration, well if you check out the gear ratios you'll see that they're set for top speed and not 0-60. A few little adjustments and you'll have a car that still is 200+ mph and will have a less than 3 second 0-60.

    All you idiots out there who diss this car because of the country it's from or because it's "ugly" really need to get your brains checked. If you are a REAL car fan you wouldn't let crap like that stand in the way of saying this is one badass car...yeah it handles badly but what it lacks in handling it makes up for in other categories.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

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    yeah but lots of cars can have their gear ratiois changed but then it looses the whole point of the car! either you build a fast acceleration car or one with good top speed, or do both which is hard, but some cars like Mclaren F1 did it!<!-- Signature -->
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    If you are going to knock on Blazers and say they're crap, then name me one Ferrari that can hang with a Blazer on a cross country offroad course and come out alive.
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    wtf are you talking about! ferrari's don't make offroad cars, i don't know if you noticed that! If your gonna ask a question like that then i'm gonna ask one too. Name me one blazer that can do the quarter mile in 12 seconds<!-- Signature -->
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    show me the specs of it and pictures and if possible a website to becuase i wanna see proof that a pickup can beat italian exotics!<!-- Signature -->
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    The SRT-10's times barely beat a Camaro Z28, if it can barely beat that it won't come close to most Ferrari's.
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    did i hear a fart behind me? or was that a ford? ehehehe true theyre the same but what ppl dont kno is when u get behind the wheel of a ford, u can hardly tell if theres bumps in the road, ya seeford has a way of picking up crap of chevy's trucks and old - but still very good - 454 engines so what they do is put them in their 2002 models.... terefore making the car to tremble with the power

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