why britsh sports cars suck

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    Who cares what kind of engine it had? Look at lotus and their elise...its powered my a toyota engine lol
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    oh dear seems somebody is an uneducated fool.

    Speed = Aston DB9, pretty much EVERY TVR .. Speed 12 anyone ? Noble M12/M14/M400, Lotus.

    Classy = Rolls, Bentley, Jaguar ... And yet all still fast

    Engineering of british cars is unsurpassed. over 1000BHP out of a Naturaly aspirated engine ?the speed 12. The MClaren F1. Oh great its powered by a beemer engine but everything about it save that was desgined and engineered by britain.

    Classics = All the old astons, DB5 is just sweet. MGB GT .. fantastic. Lotus Elan is amazing...

    And on top of that we have the Best 4x4 in the world. Land Rover ... stunning veichles. id like to see a humvee or jeep beat a defender in anything offroad. And the can still cut it in todays market. just take a look at the rangestormer concept.

    So to the parasite that started this post. You sir are an idiot.
  3. thats cuz the cant make their own #$%#in engines. its always Ford engines!!

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