why called c12?

Discussion in '2001 Callaway C12-R' started by FORDFORD, May 25, 2003.

  1. seems strange when its only a v8? still a nice car though
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    its good to see chev in lemans. are they still in it?
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    mayb its just the follow up of the c9 or sumthin..no clue
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    wait neva mind it stands for callaway v-12 makes more sense.
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    it may jus be the 12th body-style Callaway, like the Corvette C5.
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    Hey Z06454, you nailed it. Callaway introduces the first of all of its products with a progression of C's. The C's have included Vettes, Camaro's, Alfa Romeo's, Aston Martins, boats, Rovers, and even indy engnies.
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    its racing spec of normal c12
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    why called c12 couldn't be called a v12 turbo?
  9. Because it isn't a V12 or a turbo. It is a naturally aspirated V8. In both street and racing trim. The street car only deviates from the stock Vette block a little, but the R version does some major tweaks. Mostly geared toward increasing the dependability of the engine over long periods at max output.

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