why did toyota stop making the supra?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by 2fast4me, Oct 13, 2004.

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  2. wow you present such a strongly factual bassed argument!!
  3. Holy mother#$%#ing CHRIST what a mess.

    bbs - there was never an RX7 in LeMans, you've been playing too much Gran Turismo 3. Mazda did enter a 4-rotor (NON RX7) racecar that happened to WIN.

    Nobody ever compared the Supra to the Viper, you started saying crap like "The Supra sucks at turning it's not as good as viper lololroflmaololol". FACT: The Supra AT THE HEIGHT OF ITS PRODUCTION cost HALF AS MUCH AS A VIPER. In fact, with that kind of a price difference you could make a Supra that would bangarang a Viper in every way imagineable, and then some.

    The Supra CAN do more than go in a straight line fast. The Supra has very capable handling that was said at one point to rival the RX7 for sheer grip. Now if you say the RX7 couldn't handle, then you need to end yourself.

    Everyone chill out and shut the #$%# up. This thread ended at like the fourth post where Spyder basically gave the exact reasons why the Supra was taken out of production.
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  8. all i wanted was a simple anwser, Jeez!
  9. It cost too much, so they didn't sell enough, and they weren't making enough money off of them, so they stopped making them. Is that simple enough?
  10. yes that is a simple anwser.
  11. Which is exactly what i told you on page one you stupid bastard.
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