Why Diss This Car?????

Discussion in '1995 Ford GT90 Concept' started by SupraMan, Oct 18, 2002.

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    The Saleen S7s. All the races I saw, they dominated.
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    Shitheaded noob! I meant you!
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    we, european, we made a supercar drivable and that u can buy...
    bugatti veyron 1001 horses, 4 turbos, 0-300 kph 13 secondes...
    any questions??
    gt 90 was THE american supercar...sorry to say that usa is now far away in question of car production...
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    Its official, the most pointless Ford ever created even with the astonishing top speed and acceleration as the car had no handling whatsoever and to call this a replacement to the old GT40 is a damn right ludicrus statement!

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