Why do people live in the north?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jay2002WS6, Feb 21, 2009.

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  2. it was the most fun I've had in Toronto in years.
  3. im actually impressed. good job.
  4. because there's too many niggers and mexicans down south
  5. I've always wanted to live northnorthnorth somewhere. Like 3 hours of sunlight a day in winter for a while.

    This is a dream of mine.
  6. When comes to the east coast, I find New England area is pretty shit.
  7. actually you do have more strict social boundaries in the south. everyone's nice as long as you mold yourself into their concept of normality. if you live anywhere outside or on the fringe of those boundaries, you're liable to be treated like absolute shit.
  9. Typical mclaren777 concern.
  10. I went out to the rifle range today in glorious 68F weather under a slightly cloudy sky. No mirage, but the wind made it kind of interesting. The South rules. Until summer anyway.
  11. i prefer the cold and shitty weather - i like it
  12. Marcus North?
  13. Man I do that too. If its below about 21C I feel cold.
  14. ironically, northern Louisiana is extremely racist and segregated and all the rednecks live there. It is the deep southern part of the state that is the most open and mixed culturally.
  15. so crisp
  16. Because we all get too #$%#ing RICH from oil up here...
  17. I usually take my sweatshirt off when it hits 70f.
    Also it was hot and shitty today.
  18. I enjoy it on occasion, and we do get decently cold weather down here. Enough for the winter effect. But it doesnt snow much, it just sleets sometimes. Its just during the summer it gets stupidly hot, and living on the Gulf coast means it is almost always humid.
  19. I usually start to wear a sweater if the temp reaches about 45F.
    But I wear sweaters in general a lot so it doesnt really mean much. I dont feel cold unless it gets to about 35F and has a wind chill. The humid wind chill is what sucks so much about the cold down here. I can actually deal with a less humid wind chill really easily, even at much lower temps. It doesnt feel nearly as cold because it isnt soaking down into your bones. Like when it snowed heavily last year, I went outside in a light jacket and it was enough because the cold was a dry, crisp sort of cold.

  20. middle eastern summer in general is shithouse. where were you again? (from my limited time there) UAE and then kuwait were the worst in that regard. atleast qatar wasn't humid and was breezy all the time. Fujairah - worst place on earth!
  21. US Gulf coast lol.
    ALthough its almost hot as a damned desert down here too. But not dry at all. Bushfires just dont happen here.
  22. Give me an example, because I've never seen anything resembling this. The only normal expectation I've seen is the "I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone" concept.

    Doesn't seem to apply to the flaming homosexuals, successful black people, white kids who try to act tough, etc. As long as you don't push, you won't be shoved.
  23. crime is pretty high down here though, and the ratio of black people to white/other is a lot higher.

  24. I'm sure that has more to do with the poverty rate than a perceived social status though.
  25. Truth.

    I think if people from up North came down here and really saw how a lot of black people act like they are owed everything, they might begin to understand the racial tension here. Theres only so much shit people can take. Theres no segregation, but the result is #$%#ing filthy vandalized public facilities and things like that. You know the term "this is why we cant have nice things"? Well that applies here.

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