Why do we have sedans here ?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by slo poke, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. wat a popular name

    how many cars are called the spider
  2. Actually...

    Spider (or Spyder) is another name for a convertible. Just so you know...<!-- Signature -->
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    all right thats all kewl dude
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    this car is awsome<!-- Signature -->
  5. Come on ! Its a 4-door ! Its a sedan !

    Fast for a Sedan but it don't looks like a sport car.

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    I don't believe how stupid you are. I guess the viper is your favorite car to! Keep the american bullshit for yourself please!
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    Now wait, there's no reason to get all mean & Sh*t...
    True this car is a sedan, but buddy with this sedan I have destroyed many many "sport cars". It's not the fastest or anywhere close, but it's very decent, and since it is a "sedan" it was leather interior, nice power everything, Huge back seat for whatever you use back seats for, and a nice big hatch to fit a massive system into. So I see no problem with this car being here, there are many many worse on this site.
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    BMW Alpina B12 6.0 is also sedan, Mercedes S55 also, and they are not suposed to be on this site?? Oh, don't shit man...

    See ya later...
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    BMWs. Audis. Go home u fool.
  10. Re:

    No, this is the 5door CS-version of the 9000. The 4 door sedan one was called CD (there was also a CC-version but that was the oldest one and was more or less replaced by the CS although a cheap CC was produced for some time after the more modern CS was intoduced).

    Still not a sport car, was never built in 2 or 3 door versions... actually it far too big to make sence to do that...
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    My parents had a Saab turbo,
    pretty damn fast!
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    This vehicle is really fast. I own one, and I tested it at a track :
    0-60 in 6.1
    1/4 in 14.6
    Fricking awesome seats too.
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    Why do we have sedans here ?

    Why do we have sedans here? Not a very educated question. Ill tell you from first hand these cars are unbelievable. I just got mine (93 Aero) and cant believe the performance this thing puts out. Give me a Maptuned Aero and Ill take you in any Mustang you could dream of.
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    A capable sedan at that, so whats so wrong with it?
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    ya.. ferrari, eclipse, so many others.
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    ECLIPSE!? Is there a Spider version of Eclipse?? I have never seen one...Would look pretty cool...:D
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    I need more posts so I can create a topic
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    Hey dont be bashing on Saabs. I own a '94 Saab 900 Turbo and I have to tell you, there is nothing "slow" about this car. Its beautiful and very quick, I didnt even realize that I was at 70mph one time on the road and thats fast for not realizing.
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    i have a 94' 9000 aero, and i havent lost a race yet, and thats vs mustangs and other "fast japanese imports". but i do sometimes wish i had a different, rw drive car
  21. sab 9000 aero is a luxury sport car.
  22. saab 9000 aero is a luxury sport car.
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  25. well ironically

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