Why doesn't Lamborghini RACE???

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  1. Well, maybe they do in small circles but none that I'm familiar with. I know they've made race-ready GTR's for the Le Mans series but they have NEVER entered a single race!!! Now when you look at Ferrari, whose entire existance has been based on racing, you would think that Lamborghini would too. So why don't they? I mean after all, what good is the car if it never really sees the race track in full competition?

    (And NO, I'm not saying that this, or any other Lamborghini is bad, but why don't they actually race them professionally like they were meant to be???)
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    Lamborghini sells racecars to privateers who want to race them in a private team.
    Lamborghini has never had an official motorsports team, however they will compete in 2004 in the GT FIA championship for sure, under the name of VW, using a race-ready version of the Gallardo.

    Just because Ferrari races, doesn't mean Lamborghini has to, who told you that?
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    This is a race car, so this topics a little daft don't you think, thay would'nt build a race car if they did'nt want it to race.
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    To answer both of you:

    Lamborghini was created in the 1960s by Feruccio Lamborghini SPECIFICALLY because he thought he could design better cars than Ferrari could (The result was the Miura). Since then, Ferrari and Lamborghini have been bitter rivals competing for the spotlight. To make matters more interesting, the Lamborghini factory is located at St. Agata, only 14 miles away from Modena and Maranello (Ferrari's two factories). Whereas Ferrari's reputation has always been based on racing, Lamborghini just wanted to take on Ferrari's road cars and never really entered any races of their own. But they still try to rival eachother on prestige, speed, and power.

    It is true that this is a race-prepared version of the mighty Diablo, but you never see them at the well-known racetracks; just because Lamborghini made a racecar doens't mean they, or private owners, will actually race it. Kinda stupid if you ask me. I would certainly put it on the track! Go to Le Mans, Sebring, Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen, etc. and you'll NEVER find any racing Lamborghinis even though they were made for those tracks and that kind of racing.
    So my question is: Why doesn't Lamborghini race???

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    Maybe you shouyld go check out the Murcielago R-GT<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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    aww yeahhhhhhhhhhh
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    SupraMan is rite. The Murc. R-GT is gonna be racing in The FIA GT Champ. according to MotorTrend
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    actually this car is raced by john 'sammy' newman and paul stokell in australia but i think lamborghini should at least attempt to make a racing team in the formula one racing circut. even if they just join up with one of the smaller teams in the f1 circut lamborghini might even challenge williams but they are no where near ferrari. Great car but not as good as the ferrari's.
  9. Lamborghinis do race
  10. They do race... they sound nice, look nice, but they suck compaired to their comp

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