Why don't you guys name your cars?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Jeezus, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. That's why they call it "Montero"...

    This thread is retarded!
  2. and how much must it have cost mitsubishi to rename it?

    using letters/numbers is much more economically viable.
  3. OMG how much????
  4. AT LEAST 14.53 Euros per 1000 cars

    his name is Vladimir.
  6. you have failed to think about rebranding for advertising, manuals, updating part databases, etc. its costs a lot of money.
  7. And Lamborghini
  8. you don't have a clue, do you?
  9. I approve of this
  10. this is Vladimir
  11. Hello... May I call you Vlad?
  12. Yes. Infact, he prefers it.
  13. lol epic lego brick is epic
  14. Vlad appears to have been backed into a corner by a Ka. That's not right.
  15. Vlad should crush it!!
  16. With his weight of 32 tons it will be no problem
  17. Vlad should impale it.
  18. My car has two different names.

  19. And named cars are awesome, fords especially. Unnamed cars are for peasants.
  20. Like F50. Or F1. Or T1...


    Or LM...
  21. My car is named Steven.

  22. my cars name is "EYEBALL 3000" or "SUPER SPARK JR"
  23. WTF

    also. hotwheels doesn't count
  24. swifts arent hotwheels, im sorry you cant tell the difference between them
  25. I like the names of your car man!

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