Why has SC.net popularity fallen?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BuickGNXkillsALL, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Your post makes me #$%#ing hostile!
  2. The only thing i know about reedit is that it's mascot is some little crack addicted robot. It strikes me as a thing nerds were into and when it became mainstream it decidedly existed for the first time.

    This site isn't popular because it doesn't appeal to the lcd who need top gear style antics and style to be entertained and believe a thing is credible. A long time ago scn had boatloads of exclusive content or otherwise difficult to find pics/scans. The internet no longer has this limitation of random GeoCities personal sites being oasis of special content where corporations stuck to Microsoft clip art pages. Now we have global release everything and from the moment a thing comes out, all available information is everywhere. So scn must hinge on our community.

    And this is our community.
  3. BowtieIZBetter or something like that?
  4. reddit truly is the best site on the entire internet, once you learn how it works and (especially) if you use the RES plug in.
  5. Also yes.
  6. Yeah this. Also I bet the terrible forum drives some people away.

    I don't spend as much time on here anymore, as there are other forums I post on more. For car stuff, I post on car specific forums for what I own. Other than that I spend my time elsewhere, usually neogaf because of the how active it is. I see what's here at least once a day though.
  7. Didn't read the thread.

    Stayed behind technically, zero marketing (such as SEO) and I think most forums lost popularity to social networks and Reddit.
  8. In a nutshell, what does reedit do? I thought it tracks internet media trends so you can enjoy whatever dull attention seeking brain #$%#ing visual effect the kids are into these days.
  9. I thought it was another 4chan
  10. its a good general forum , where only the best members have survived ...

    but some of the best members left due to a lot of site crashes , as well nobody cares about the core focus of the site , we are all older and not as childish anymore and finally there are no new members and 2nd accounts to troll in a believable funny way.
  11. I'm sticking here, not even going to try posting in other forums. People will say: "GTFO, you're too old!!"

    At least with you guys, you're all cool with me and also, I know most of you pretty good.
  12. I don't get it
  13. Because majikalcumshafts and Doyle aren't posting here anymore.

  14. we all say that youre too old all the time
    i think you need some new glasses for your failing eyesight
  15. I think it's Alzheimer's.
  16. Because people aren't keeping it real like me and Henrik Sjöstedt and AMGrulz and the rest of the homeboys. Big Robtion/Hate cut
  17. botscnm is gonna be awesome with the 3 remaining active members
  18. my chances are better than ever!
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  20. Half the people who still post here would have left already if rich didn't mod them/make them a partner.
  21. status man
  22. Simpr, the old days were like the wild west here. Now it's just the old schoolers and the funny/retarted ppl have all been banned/left.

    Mc777 trolling rFactor (cheated to victory), promoting his bible forum and his bible gf

    old times are old times.

    also lurking...
  23. Well because im not here that often <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  24. you really do operate on some other level
  25. It was more interesting when there was more stupidity. Most of you guys were in your teens when I got here, so you've matured quite a bit. The ones who were too stupid to mature left because they were embarrassed.

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