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  1. yeah you got a point there..And what is your opinion about that? Do you think it's all exiting and shit?

    Btw..I can't stand the new qualification system. Who the #$%# came up with that shit.
  2. That sure didn't take long. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  3. And he does drive. Just because he said it's bumpy didn't mean he didn't drive or that he drove with any less commitment.

    Same goes for occasions when the track's extremely wet and people instantly label drivers "pussies" merely for pointing out facts. They do go out and drive on the limit in treacherous conditions where they can barely see a thing and where grip barely exists but that isn't good enough to save them from being called gay by some armchair expert.

    And if you work hard enough and are good enough to earn a spot in a fine F1 team, then you deserve all the money you're paid. If you're one of the finest in your field, you deserve to be paid accordingly. Simple as that. They deserve every penny they make. Just because they're being remunerated handsomely doesn't stop them from being human, so it doesn't make tricky situations easy and it certainly shouldn't be a reason to deny them the basic right of stating ground realities.

    Heidfeld was just making a comment. He isn't endlessly mouthing off and he definitely isn't forcing anyone to listen to him. Your dramatic reaction to an innocuous comment really baffles me.
  4. +1
  5. +2
  6. -1.. just the fact that he making a comment like that isn't appropriate in my opinion.
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    Not only are they pussies, and lacking skill, worst of all they show no committment to wanting to win
  8. Ayrton Senna once waved the marshals to finish a race prematurely because it was raining a lot. He was such a pussy, he should have go on despite the conditions...
  9. Yeah, and what about Niki Lauda at the Japanese GP 1976. Even with the title at stake (only leading by 3 points into the final race), he pulled out of the race after 2 laps because it was to wet for him... and lost the title to James Hunt.

    What a PUSSY<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  10. I haven't read the earlier pages of this thread, so I don't know if you've already mentioned it, but what are your constructive suggestions to improve the state of affairs?
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    oh wow! one race!
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    at adelaide? did you even see the conditions?
  13. he nearly died that year, is it weird he stopped in these unsafe cars? the fact that he already went on with racing is awesome
  14. -The qualification system has to go back to normal..not the 3 heat shit or whatever. Just everybody on the track and make the best of it.

    -Track like today are ruined, all the gravel strips at most of the tracks are gone and is made out of asphalt which is so lame for two reasons. People will cut the track sooner like the case with hamilton in Spa, and when you're off the track you can just keep going which is gay. When you're out you're out imo.

    -Teams have to decide on their owns what kind of engine they want to make (V6 V8 or whatever) and it has to be restricted (I guess) up to 800 hp or something..

    Those are the main points..I have a several more but #$%# that
  15. I just figured it out! The FIA needs to scrap the 2009 rules and use the GP2 aero package with slick tires.
  16. A couple of points.

    I think this new qualification system is really good. The old system pretty much compressed all the action into the last five minutes. Next to no one would venture onto the track in the first half hour. It gave us some great moments but for the large part it was quite a drag. With this system you see people scrambling like mad to make it into the next session twice every qualification round. And the final session invariably sees a chaotic, desperate race for pole. I feel this system has worked excellently.

    Regarding substituting gravel with asphalt, don't you think that would help with overtaking? I'm not saying it should be used to do off-track and hence take a place. My point is, with the gravel strips, drivers knew that even if they overdid it slightly while attempting to overtake they'd either lose a truck load of time or end up out of the race. Instead, by having an asphalt strip they can attempt an overtaking manoeuvre safe in the knowledge that even if it doesn't come off their race will go on, of course assuming they don't collide with the other car in the process. Whether the number of overtaking manoeuvres as a consequence of this cannot be proved to more than if there had been gravel strips, but it at the very least encourages overtaking.
  17. They were being sarcastic.

    And it doesn't really matter that in today's cars the probability of dying is extremely low. It's not like they're allowed to be apprehensive only if they might die. If conditions on the track are going to be treacherous, then the drivers should feel free in stating their apprehensions. The Massa v Kubica clip illustrated that they still give it their all and aren't pussies.
  18. F1 is totally boring shit since the 90s but I dont see whats wrong with that car in the OP. What are the new regulations and why did they change?
    SOmeone explain.

  19. since you've obviously been living under a rock, discontinue posting in this thread.
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    I was just pointing out that your argument is flawed, because the history of F1 is fill with drivers that complained about security.
  21. Did any of the drivers from the present stop racing because they felt it was unsafe?
  22. yes but not a bumpy track for christ sake
  23. ugh..this quali system is made for money (well at least, one of the reasons it is)..because sponsor billboards are more on tv then they used to be because cars drive around the track from the beginning of the session (and that's one shit reason) till the end. But the intensity of the qualification was so big before this system..just like you say the tension is build throughout the session. Not these days, it's just another rule..

    And the gravel strip point you had is ridiculous. Drivers have to overtake other drivers whenever they can whether they go out of the track or not, that's what they should be good at, overtaking like nutters, THAT'S racing, not like "oh shit I can't overtake because I might end up in the gravelstrip". That's not how it always has been but suddenly all the tracks are like ONE big asphalt square with lines on it to show the drivers where they should go, like the top gear track..

    I remember Raikonen at Turkey last year if I'm not mistaken driving like 20 meter OFF he track on the outside (on asphalt) because he made a tiny mistake but he lost only 2 seconds in the race and that's pretty gay.
  24. well, they probably won't feel unsafe so no not that I know of
  25. instead of asphalt runoff areas, have Paul Ricard Circuit style runoff areas which will allow you to runoff, however, you'll lose time, and need to pit for new tyres.

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