Why is it??

Discussion in '2000 Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT' started by Hi LiTE, Aug 21, 2002.

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    but what kind of person wouldn't like this car...?
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    a big block maniac and mopar fan would buy it
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    Vipers are good no matter which way u look at them...
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    i know that but the buyer must be a connoisseur not a small beginner or a two blink in the eye
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    As long as u have a viper...
    ur happy...no matta what it looks like.
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    to the person who said skylines suck, get a life, they are possibly the best japanese cars. As for them tearing this viper apart on a track, if this thing handles anything like the regular viper (which it should regardless of some extra power) then sorry, but the skyline just won't. the skyline will have its hands full with regular viper, never mind this beast
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    Your probably talkin' about me...?
    Nah i don't like Nissan that much all together...
    i don't hate them...i just prefer American over jap...
    and my opion...Toyota are the best Jap cars.

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