Why is Lotus so far behind Ferrari?

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    Ferrari has the deep pockets of Fiat to pay for all their road cars and F1 success. Since Chapman’s death in the early 80's Lotus have been owned several different parties including GM, Bugatti, and Now Proton. Although it’s believed that proton are trying to sell Lotus.

    Lotus has a different design philosophy to Ferrari. For lotus it’s all about the chassis. the lighter you make your car the smaller the engine you need to get it up to speed.
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    I wish the Elise could be sold in America and all around the world then it would shut these Lotus hating people up!
    Lotus are not behind Ferrari, if anything they are in front.......the Lotus Elise has revolutionised the roadster market and as has been said in many magazines and reviews "turned the way we think about sports cars on it head"........I'm not calling Ferraris but their current model line up hasn't added anything revolutionary to the car market but has stuck to it's winning formula where Lotus has gone back to it's roots in making low powered, low weight sports cars.

    What continually gets voted the greatest handling car and driver's car in the world?........That's right the Lotus Elise!

    The Esprit sells in tiny and I mean tiny volumes(as in less that 15 cars a year in the UK and around 150 in the US) and so they don't produce many but it is still a steady income.....The Esprit has been around now for a quarter of a century and still looks the part aswell as offering decent performance.

    Lotus is not about big power anymore.....the Elise only has 120bhp and sprints from 0-60mph in 5.6secs and is a true modern classic.

    The Americans will never get the Elise that the Europeans get because of their strict laws on safety equipment so they'll have to wait for the M250 and only then can they truely judge modern day Lotus........................PEACE!!! <!-- Signature -->
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    Everybody is behind Ferrari when it
    comes to sports cars. <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
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    Lotus is doing a good thing by sticking to lightweight cars, having 350bhp is just an extra. I will enjoy it forever.
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    In motor sport (F1) lotous will probably never be able to compeet with Ferrari due to low funding.
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    This car is pretty damn fast, I think you guys aren't giving it enough credit.

    This is from the Popular Mechanics webpage, they took a bunch of cars to the dragstrip to determine what was faster. The Esprit ended up in 2nd place, right behind the Dodge Viper. This is what they had to say about the Esprit:

    "They don't come much yellower than this car. Or quicker. Driving the Lotus, however, isn't for the timid or the inexperienced. Besides being difficult to climb into and see out of, this car is difficult to launch, difficult to shift, and it's really, really fast.

    When those turbos kick in at 3500 rpm, you'd better have this puppy pointed straight. On the track, we launched the Lotus with a fair amount of clutch slippage and the tach up around 3000 rpm. This achieved just the right amount of wheelspin to get the car off the line, and brought the motor up into its powerband. But get the revs up over 3500 rpm too soon, or slip the clutch too quickly, and traction is nothing but a fond memory.

    Once you get her moving, forget the world. It's time to focus all your attention on that tachometer. This engine revs faster than Don Knotts on a Starbucks binge and the 7000 rpm redline is coming fast. When it's time to shift, make nice with the awkward shifter and on/off clutch.

    The Lotus is old school. The turbos mated to the small V8 engine make tons of power. But it's mostly in the upper rev range, leaving very little bottom-end torque.

    Driving a car with a peaky engine, a clumsy drivetrain and a traction problem is a lost art. And we wouldn't change a thing, except maybe its color.

    Test Summary:
    Lotus Esprit

    Base price: $83,725, Price as tested: $87,920
    Engine: 3.5L/213.8 CID DOHC 32v twin turbo V8
    HP: 350 @ 6500 rpm, Torque: 295 ft.-lb. @ 4250 rpm
    Trans: 5M, Drivetrain: midengine/rear drive, twin-plate racing clutch
    Final drive: 3.89:1
    Curb weight: 3043 lb, Weight/HP ratio: 8.7
    HP/liter: 100.0, Tires: f: 235/40ZR17, r: 285/40ZR18
    Acceleration: 0-30 mph: 1.83 sec. 0-60 mph: 4.43 sec.
    1/4 mile: 12.85 sec. @ 110.96 mph

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  7. I mean they have kind of the same background (i think).
    They were hard competitors in F1 in the 70s and Lotus usually won.
    Lotus has a great heritage like ferrari, although their cars have always been cheaper(i think that's good).
    The 7, and the Elise are icons i think, looking very smart with weightsaving before power. The Esprit was also great (perhaps many people wouldn't buy when they knew it had only a 4 cylinder engine)

    The Esprit is old now and it deffinately needs a worthy replacement! Go race the Ferraris again :D

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    Reason why they are so far behind is because Lotus does not have the funding that they used to have compared to Ferrari.
    Another reason is because Ferrari does not mind boosting power by using larger engines...etc..
    Lotus tries to stay too much within tradition.

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    because they don't really have access to the type of engines and other related things that ferrari use. cos Lotus usually use things made by, what used to be Rover, who are not really used to making huge performance realted engines. i thibnk thats' why they are so far behind.<!-- Signature -->
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    They are'nt, why do u say that?
    They could turbocharge it and reach same performance-levels as ferrari. And the Lotus suspension is one of the best in the world, handles like a dream. I think u would respect it a little more if u actually drove one, cause it aint easy!
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    Like I said man..it's all about sponsorship and funding =P

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    I wouldn't say lotus is behind Ferrari.
    Even though they may not be as appealing to the eye as an F50...
    Compare the Elise to a Ferrari, and you will soon find out that on the track the Elise has much better handling where it makes up for its speed. So I believe Lotus is in the same league as Ferrari.
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    Yeah, lotus tests the car a long time to get optimum handling etc. And it's not behind Ferrari, it's a different kind of aim they persue! I suppose they hate superchargers (for good reason)<!-- Signature -->

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