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  1. after reading through the forms "Neon SRT-4 for this?" and "first impression" i was amazed at the number of comments focusing mainly around 2 things, the fact that its FWD and that it is a hatch/wagon/5 door layout.

    first things first, FWD. the most obvious reason the SRT-4's use of a FWD layout is pricing. if you'll remember way back in 2003 when the SRT-4 first hit the market it had two HUGE things going for it, crazy speed and an even crazier price. $20,000 for a car that could run the quarter mile in 14.0 seconds?! it was unheard of. although in the next couple years the price was bumped up with the addition of 15 horsepower and the much needed limited-slip, its core stayed the same. as some of you may or may not know already, the Dodge Caliber will be offered with AWD. meaning that they could have very easily dropped this steller engine package into an AWD drivetrain. but the major selling point of the SRT-4 concept is its bang-for-buck ratio, as soon as you start raising the price, sales will inevitably start to drop. if SRT wanted to make a Caliber STi/Evo they could have maited it with AWD and stuck a $27,000 pricetag on it... but then it wouldn't have been the crazy-fast less-money-than-Mustang-GT preformance bargain that SRT-4 was created to be.

    as for styling, well that's really not my department. other than the fact that any new styling derection seems to come with a love or rate relationship, all i can say is that i like it and that when people see it in person they might feel differently about it.

    oh, and as for those few coments about RWD being an easily option taken from a CLK... hmmm... all i can really say is that you should just stop talking right now before you make anymore of a fool of yourself. Neon replacement, rear wheel drive, and Mercades... those words really shouldn't be put into the same sentence
  2. I see why not. The Magnum, 300, and Charger's RWD is derived from a Mercedes design. Why not take a smaller, better fit design again from Mercedes to fit for the Neon? I never suggested a RWD from CLK to fit on this piece of shit. This would require something more like the M-Class. But the whole thing is ridiculous since this thing is just dumb to begin with.
  3. Dodge's do seem to look better now that benz is in the name.

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