why? it was good the first time, wont that do?

Discussion in '2006 Lamborghini Miura Concept' started by 1 Evolution VIII, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. its a pretty good re-make but although the miura was revolutionary in its day, i think lamborghini can do i lot better... and they have

    the more i see it it looks like a porsche 911 / ford Gt. ford gtish body with 911ish headlights.. a bit, but not too much
  2. i reckon that if this goes to production, it's look will change...it's Da Silva's first shot at a lambo, he will learn quickly cause his is a really good designer as far as they go!
  3. Car companies are going overboard with this 'back to classic' design, They should be moving forward, and becoming more original. Though i still like this design, i still believe there are too many remakes of old skool benchmarks being remade.
  4. exactly. Sometimes going back to something old can be good, but change it for the better. (like the new pontiac gto. new car, old name)
  5. I certainly would like to see a more modern design from Lamborghini, but you can't blame them for at least attempting this classic re-release. I'm sure the new Miura, in the case it comes out, will be a high-performance, highly exotic ride that will have a fine consumer base of collectors and enthusiasts.
  6. Classic cars isn't your strong point ...
  7. how so?

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