why no gt-s engine in mk3 mr-2 spyder?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by f11111, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. im sure this question is pretty damn old, but why didnt they ever put the 180/190 hp vvt engine from the celica gt-s in the mr2 spyder? IMO it wouldve helpe sales, but maybe it would hurt the MSRP?

    was it b/c they sold them to lotus for the elises?
  2. Three reasons, cost, safety, and because you touch yourself at night. When the engine switches to the hot cam the jump in power is sharp enough to really unsettle the car, which can be quite bad during mid corner. They felt the engine wasn't suited for the car they were trying to create. I personally would rather have that nice 2ZZ engine, but the 1ZZ does a more than acceptible job of getting my car around with haste. I'll be swapping in the GT-S 2ZZ and 6-speed eventually.

    I'm too lazy to post in your other thread, so I'll answer your other question here.

    "does the mr2 come with a targa top, or even a t-top? it seems like a fun cheap (by being old) alternative to say, an s-2000 or something...but it seems hard to find some info on it..."

    The majority of the turbo models were t-tops (if not all in the US), as were a good number of base models. All of the supercharged Mk I models and some of base models after 88' were t-tops as well.
  3. Yet some how the even lighter weight US spec Elise doesn't have that problem...
  4. It does actually, but to a lesser extent. It's tuned better than the GT-S's engine and does a better job of staying above the changeover point. I'm pretty sure the Elise's computer keeps the revs up between shifts and such.

    I'm not just talking out of my ass, it's a problem that everyone who has swapped the engine into an MR2-S has had. It's nothing an experienced driver couldn't handle, but Toyota wanted the car to be easy to drive.

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