why only 7?????????

Discussion in '1996 Lamborghini Diablo VTTT' started by FireBird175, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. it seems strange to produce only seven and its a fantastic car
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    because if they made too many, retards, maniacs, and suicidal people would buy them and fly off a cliff at 220 mph(jk). and they only made 1 lotec colani testa d'oro, why only 1?(only one question is needed, not 9)
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    thas a better good reason, but they should sell them to responsible people
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    they only made 7 for reasons--how many people do u know that have an extra 500 grand lying around to go n buy a car with
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    Coz they want it to be unique!!
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    Spot on. It was a limited edition for collectors and the like. If they built loads it wouldn't have been a limited edition.
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    Think about it this way:There could have been only six.
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    the reason is to make it so dang popluar people will pay anyting!
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    THey want them to be rare so that later on they are worth alot more, secondly i dont think people have 500k lying around
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    Sometime the companys don't make very many because they just don't have the money to up front to make them. But with VW backing Lamborghini, I don't think that is the reason.
  11. Cause they wanted that way

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