Why Religious People Are Scared of Atheists

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SupraMan, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Religious fanatics commit murder in the name of their god(s) every day. Atheist activists are just as bad as religious fanatics.
  2. atheist fanatics! I was on my knees at gun point while he recited from the book of Stephen Jay Gould.
  3. The greatest trick the devil never pulled was making Evangelicals think a 90% majority can be persecuted against. I guess maybe because, when Geology proves your world view is wrong, it feels like the whole World is against you.
  4. the 70% salt water is the best
  5. +1
  6. I haven't heard about terrorists killing thousands of civilians for the sake of atheism, but trying to ruin a Christmas parade is [email protected]#ked up.

    In case you're wondering, I'm an atheist who celebrates Christmas as a secular holiday. I say "Merry Christmas", rather than "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings". I seriously doubt that Jews or Muslims find it offensive. It's mainly liberal Christians and liberal atheists who find it offensive.
  7. I find some atheist are as just nutty as religious nuts. Organize atheists kind of defeats the point.
  8. how about some petafiles advertising their love for the kiddos!
  9. Spot on.
  10. No, it is. Fanatical atheist need to just lean back and realize how pathetically petty their lives must be to get upset over people calling the 25th of Dec. Christmas or the fact that there is a cross displayed in a courthouse. From there it spreads to kids not being allowed to pray before school and taking, "One Nation, Under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

    That's not to say fanatical Christians aren't just as stupid. Teaching Creationism in school for instance is a pretty ridiculous idea. Abortion is another issue. A women should have the right to do with her body whatever she'd like. Those are issues I have no problem with atheist taking up. The rest is just "look at me" pleas from pathetic little people who need to get a job and stfu.
  11. "Atheists should learn to be more tolerant, because they are just as bad as religious fanatics right now. That's the truth."

    You didn't specify "Fanatical Atheists" in your original post.
  12. I'd just like to say there's plenty of people other than fundamentalist Christians that are against abortion. That one's more a matter of when you decide life starts rather than anything religious.
  13. Well the Jews are the worst, you don't hear m but they're behind everything!
  14. Sorry, in my original original post I mentioned atheist activist. Activist, at least to me, typically = fanatics.

    I'm fairly certain that most atheist couldn't care less what Christmas is called and still celebrate it for tradition if nothing else just like most Christians don't care to see their kids learn creationism in school.
  15. You're presenting real issues, imagined issues, and confused issues. Some are trite, and some are legitimate. In grouping them, you seem ill-informed. So I'm not sure how to respond. Of course I agree in your general feeling, without specifics, that it's fair to say that there are assholes in all demographics who have a sense of entitlement. But I don't believe that all gripes stem from that same delusion. Including a number you listed, both for atheists and Christians.
  16. i dont care i just want some #$%#ing presents and to drink shitloads of piss
  17. That's a poor definition. It really only applies to activists who end up on the news.
  18. Perhaps abortion is not a purely religious issue, but whatever.

    What I'm trying to say is that atheist activists have brought up so many petty, BS issues over the years that they have become more annoying and loud then religious fanatics.
  19. Religious people are scared of the truth.
  20. Please, stop saying "merry christmas," that was sooo two pc terms ago. It turned into "happy holidays," but that was offensive because it was "holy days" which left out room for atheism (ergo, everybody). The correct term is "season's greetings."
  21. What do you call holidays when you're an extreme pc atheist then lol
  22. you mean celebratory days?
  23. like, school holidays. You get weeks of those per year. Are they called celebratory days?
  24. you call them "holy days?" wow so backwards.
  25. Fanatics on both sides are the only ones that make the news. Like it or not they are representatives of your beliefs. See how that works both ways?

    I'm not even a religious person, but I wouldn't want to be identified as an atheist either. Bunch of whiny little #%[email protected] that group is. I'm going to start the "Don't Give a #$%#" belief group. We'd just like shit left alone thanks.

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