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Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by USRACING, Oct 29, 2002.

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    Can you prove you WOULDNT be safe in another car like an F-body? NO. Can you prove your cars handling got you out? NO.
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    you sir, are a moron. i dont know why you keep going around saying your buddys stock 96 got 330 at the wheels, but it just proves that you are a complete moron. tell me this, how can a car rated at 215 horse at the flywheel stock, somehow get about 380 at the crank, assuming 15 percent loss in the drivetrain?
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    You idiot NASCAR is the fastest growing sport in the US.Even if you are driving a land yacht you can avoid that toddler if you are a good driver.Most people these days are bad drivers relying on their power steering and power brakes and can still hardly handle their car.One more thing crash tests are at 35 mph when most drive 60 mph what would you feel safe in a 2002 Honda Civic or a 1973 Ford LTD Stationwagon?
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    Funny thing is.. in all these disaster movies... what do you see people driving? You don't see them driving a Subuaru Impreza or Nissan Skyline or Honda/Acura NSX. What do you see them driving? Dodge Rams, Fords, Chevys, SUVs and why is that? Because in a global emergency or natural disaster, the road most traveled (ala curvy roads) may not be an option to travel on. How well do the cars you have in mind Password handle on rough terrain? Hell if I was given a Skyline in a global disaster, I would be screwed, because I would probably be trapped behind some rubble or a whole bunch of cars gridlocked.

    I have driven many different cars and trucks over the years, at all sorts of speeds, I've found my "overweight" and "poor handling" truck to be best suited for all these emergency situations you put before us. At highway speeds, these "great handling" cars, are very sensitive, and most of them lightweight as well, the sudden jerk or reflex in an accident situation, will not carefully guide you around the accident like you say, but will probably end you up in the hospital regardless. There was a picture floating around here where it showed a "great handling" Corvette on a highway, it had made such a maneuver as you speak of Password and it lost control, crossed a lane and plowed into the cement median, folding the Corvette up into a little fiberglass cube, to be topped off with an Ford F-350 plowing into it. The Ford was not damaged at all, the Corvette was a goner.
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    If someone is idiotic as you, yes they all sound the same, but EVERY engine has a slightly different tone when unrestricted. Unrestricted my straight six sounds like an eight cylinder, until you start accelerating and then it starts getting a little whine to it.
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    Actually percentage growth rate figures on the popularity of Gt style racing and Rally racing are somewhat higher than they are for Nascar, even in the U.S.. It depends on the speed you are going and where the toddler runs out, no matter how good a driver you are, you'll always be more maneuverable in a more nimble car, it's basic physics. Considering crash safety rating for a Civic is a five star rating (which is based on percentage who are killed or maimed vs the number of possibly fatal accidents which occur), I'd definitely feel safer in a 2002 Honda Civic, particularly considering the Ford LTD doesn't even have developed crumple zones.

    "you sir, are a moron. i dont know why you keep going around saying your buddys stock 96 got 330 at the wheels, but it just proves that you are a complete moron. tell me this, how can a car rated at 215 horse at the flywheel stock, somehow get about 380 at the crank, assuming 15 percent loss in the drivetrain?" Huh? where does 380bhp come from?<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>Read what I wrote earlier.

    And Texas, yes I can assure you that in all of those situations the handling of my car was necessary to avoid an accident, in each situation, with a heavier car which would be more sluggish and not as quick to transfer the weight under heavy braking I would not have been able to avoid being hit, perhaps the absolutely best of professional drivers could have, but I know you certainly could have not. Also, in the situation with the van cutting me off as I was passing, if I was in a bigger car I would have already hit them as I went by, the width of the car would have been enough that I would already have been in contact with the car, rather than just sneaking around.

    And to the guy ranting and raving about trucks and SUV's. Yes a truck would do much better for that. But an SUV? I'd personally rather not be stuck with one of the new "SUV's" designed for going to the grocery store. I'm not talking about high end sports cars like an NSX, I'm talking about small maneuverable cars that have reasonable offroad capabilities. The most Ideal vehicle (IMO) for that situation would either be one of the older Hummers, or a Subaru Impreza that's raised just a little bit, if it's raised then it likely has other rally type mods including skidplate and rugged suspension, therefore it would not only be the most nimble of practical vehicles, but also equal or better in off-road capabilities. A lot of people just don't prefer trucks. And it was only an example pussnut, don't take things so literally.
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    Look, getting 330 at the wheels means that you have to be getting around 380 horses at the crank because you loose horspower between the crank and the wheels. How stupid could you be? What is so difficult to grasp?

    As far as accidents go, i would rather be driving a tank (not literally a tank of course) than a civic. Becuase most accidents are either unavoidable or the drivers reaction is not good enough. See with a small car with a civic, if you get hit you are screwed. But in a larger car, you live to see another day.

    An impreza raised a bit with rally mods... hmmm. So you are driving along, suddenly a disaster occurs. Look at this! I am coincidentily driving an impreza with rally upgrades!
    That is not a likely scenario.
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    Of course it dosen't have crumple zones it's good old solid steel!it'll plow right through your 5 star Civic!It weighs around 5400 pounds compared to the -2500 of the Civic
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    Doesn't make sense.
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    Then explain how the Civic has a higher crash safety rating, it means more people come out unscathed in major accidents than with those cars with worse crash safety ratings. What don't you understand about this? It means that in the Civic you live to see another day, while in other car more people die.

    And actually with alot of well designed cars only about 12-20 hp is lost, if he had mods and they were done well that would have been very possible. Look I'm just saying that the car was dynoed at that much power, I don't see what your problem is. How stupid could YOU be?

    Again, you twist my words, I was trying to get across the idea that a more nimble car that's a little higher is going to be better than a Corvette when I used that example. By the way fyi my '90 Civic came from the factory with a front end skidplate, I've put a number of holes in it, but if I had been using an american car it would be demolished by the way I drive, the first time I bottomed out on a dip in the logging roads I drive on the car would have stopped running. The point DUMBASS is that a more nimble, better handling car is better if you need to avoid something, deny it as much as you like, those situations happen every day, and there is no "just in case".

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    And I said the MOST IDEAL VEHICLE, that doesn't mean what I'll be driving, it means that that would be the MOST IDEAL VEHICLE, just like saying an SUV would be better, it's a stupid comment, I was just pointing out how stupid it was.
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    So you would rather be sitting in a civic than an SUV? HAHA. Any people with any logic would pic the bigger car. Because bigger IS better.

    Look, I am saying what you say is impossible. There is no way in hell a bone stock 96 mustang GT gets 330 at the wheels. Period. If they really do, there has to be SOMEONE out there that agrees with you. Right? FIND IT, and show it to me, because i know you cant.

    I have been in many cars. Big and small, bulky and nimble. And i know that a car that handles like a dream is usually not going to avoid many accidents.

    "The ideal car". Oh, in that case your car is far from ideal.

    Dipshit? Comeone slick, you can conjure up something better than that.
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    Im with texas on this one i would much rather be in an SUV if i had the choose when i was in a collision
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    As I said, as far as I knew it was stock, not that it definitely is stock, read what's posted, not what you want to "hear.

    "Bigger IS better" is nothing more than a misinformed american opinion.

    You must not be a very good driver then, I've had the same experience, never had any close calls, but I have ended up in ditches in a big bulky vehicle ('70's Parisienne), when I should have been able to avoid it altogether - even if I was driving rally style, small & nimble = more controllable, it should be obvious.

    Most cars would be far from ideal. And I bet anything I'd be better off in my vehicle than yours, does yours even have a skid plate? Most good cars come with a basic skid plate on the front.

    Please stop sucking the semen out of your mom's @$$ and post something worthwhile.
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    speaking of posting worthwhile stuff was that last comment really needed?
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    "Dipshit? Comeone slick, you can conjure up something better than that." only in response to this.
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    Hey Texas 1, here's something you might be able to get your feeble mind around. If bigger is better, explain why the LITTLE black box isn't big?
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    yep your rite its come on not comeone <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A> settle down slick im just saying your post would have been 100 times better had you not added that at the end
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    Come on, SLICK. You can do better than those weak insults SLICK. I am waiting. Now shut the hell up before i crush you with my post count/karma.
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    ooohhh threatening now are we, nothing more to say? Now, slick is an original name where would it have come from? you're certainly no Tommy Jones. Weak insults are fun, where's the harm in that?
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    You idiot I have never seen a street car come with a skid plate.I Woulden't be suprised if you just put a piece of cardboard under you car and call it a skid plate.
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    A lot of cars come with a skid plate, though it's obviously not a full front end skid plate. Look on the bottom of the '88 and up Civic SI, the 1986 and up Tercel with the winter package, virtually any SUV made since 1995, the '88 and newer mazda 323(? I'm not sure if this is the right model, it's the Mazda that comes with AWD and is turbocharged)

    Now as I said, my '90 Civic SI came from the factory with a skid plate (no I didn't buy the car new, but I happen to know that it came from the factory with it), it's not a great skidplate (hell it's really nothing more than durable plastic that covers the undercarriage on the front end) but it has saved me a number of times from tearing my transmission right out of my car when driving rally style, hence the holes. Now, when I can afford it, I'm going to design a good skidplate and install it on my car, however for the time being the factory one will suffice.

    The majority of American cars have never come with a skidplate, which is likely why this concept seems so alien to you, but then look at the effort put into American cars, the concept of quality itself should seem alien to you.

    p.s. cardboard would be useless and u know it, unless of course you were victimized by glue as a young child.
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    Hmm interesting all the cars you list are frontwheel drive with exception of the SUV.Our American cars don't need skidplates 'cause they are so tough and quality is (Shock!Gasp!) good on American cars but we just don't build them to get 90+MPG and have 500,000 miles we build them for speed and the awesome torque that can only be gotten through big engines which is a concept alien to you,wingnut.
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    Gee, the funny part about that is that in one of the rallies I was in last summer 1 mustang went off the road, tore the wheel right off the axel and bent the shit out of the frame, and that was just from sliding off the road in a slightly rocky area, an Audi TT went off in the same area, and he got out just fine, skidplate was dinged to shit, but the car was alright, aside from a few dents. A Neon in my class hit a rock and tore the Tranny right out of the car, now there's tuff for ya<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>. That idea is no alien idea to me, I know about the same size engines that put out better power per size that are made in Europe, and y'know what? I don't care, because even with the torque (it's very useful for rallying) American cars are still useless for rally racing, doesn't say much for them.
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    A rally is for 4WD/AWD cars specially preped for an event like that and the Mustang was never ment to hit a dirt road likewise for the TT.Whens the last time you saw 400 lbs-of torque from a 2L Four cylinder?

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