Why show this car,and not the Turbo Version?

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    I have a Second Generation '86 GXL. It has about 150 hp, and it is still fast. The Second Generations grew in power to 160 hp in 1989. The '89-'91 turbos had 200 hp. Unbelievible as it may seem, I picked up my RX-7 for just $150. Yes $150!
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    hey i have a 1986 rx7 gxl also. mine is fully loaded and came with a kit. how bout yours.<!-- Signature -->
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    I own a 89' GTUs and Paragon Racer is right. The only difference between the GTUs and the GXL were that the GTUs had a stiffer suspension, 4:10 gears, Aluminum Hood, Disc-brakes all around with 16in aluminum rims (all of the options of the turbo but without the turbo) The GTUs also has "power nothing", execpt the radio ant. it has no sun roof, no power locks or windows, too cut down on the wieght. The engine has the same hp as the GXL, at least Iam pretty sure.

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    Yeah the hp of the GTUs is definitely the same as the gxl. the only other difference is that the GTUs came with a Torsen limited slip. the LSD was only an option on the gxl i believe. Basically, the GTUs is the sportiest non-turbo 2nd gen that u could get. In 89, there was a hp increase of 15 hp for the NA's and i think 20 for the turbos via a different intake set-up.<!-- Signature -->
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    I can't fvckin believe it. I just saw one of these babies at a gas station. i spoke with the guy, and he is the 2nd owner with no intention of selling. The paint was in pretty bad shape and it had a bunch of miles on it, but it was a huge shock to see one of the 1500 that came over here.<!-- Signature -->
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    The GTUs is basically the same as the '86 RX7 Sport. Lightest body, no power accessories, slight aero aids, aluminum hoods (though the truth is, it was a mix 'n match as to which cars had aluminum hoods, as you could find either aluminum or steel on the GXLs AND base models). Like the GTUs, the Sport had the turbo's brakes and suspension, though the LSD was optional, not standard.

    I had an '86 Sport. Autocrossed it for a year in rotary form (145 hp), until the engine blew up (typical of the early 13B 6 port engines, it had fuel delivery issues, both flooding and running lean. Running lean will blow up a rotary almost instantly...). So I modded it. Just a stock rebuild was going to cost $2500.A used engine cost less, but no guarantees it would last more than a week. A 20B 3 rotor cost $6000+ at the time.

    OTOH, I had a nearly 400 hp Ford 302 sitting there out of a friend's drag car. So for $20 in steel for the mounts, I swapped it in place of the dead 145 hp rotary. Due to engine setback, it had better weight distribution than stock for even better handling than stock. the engine itself only weighed 100 lbs more than stock and it sat far back in the engine compartment so it was still front-mid engine.

    That gave me serious amounts of torque and hp, in a well balanced and well built chassis. Anyone who thinks I should have just built a Mustang or Camaro must think that other than the engine, there is no difference between an RX7 and a Mustang. We all know that's not true. There is a LOT of difference in the build quality, chassis dynamics (which were not negatively affected) ergonomics, and style.<!-- Signature -->
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    oops<!-- Signature -->
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    Zero, did you carjack that RX7 and spent 150 bucks on crajacking tools?<!-- Signature -->
  9. How's this sound?

    I'm in the process of buying a '91 RX-7 GTU with a 302 with a different crank. So, it's actually now a 347 stroker. Everything else is totally stock on it. All the way down to the GTU stickers on the side. And best of all, I'm getting it for 900 bucks. The only downside is that it's an auto, but, for 900 dollars, how can I go wrong? It's jet black, paint is flawless, it's ready to go. What do you think? Should I go for it? And one question for all you car/racing enthusiasts. This kid I know has a '93 Miata turbo with a Blitz Supercharger(how in the holy #$%# he payed for it, I have not a clue), but, anyway, which car would yu give the nod in an all out drag? His is lighter, but, then again, I'm pulling over 400 HP. and am not too far behind in the weight war. Let me know, and, for the record, I'd take any RX-7 over a Supra anyday.
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    Re: How's this sound?

    Sounds good. I'd suggest heading over to www.v8rx7.com, and checking on the work there (including my car, pictured below...)<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- Signature -->
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    Is that your car chris?<!-- Signature -->
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    Yup. Had it from '92-98. Started out as a rotary powered autocrosser, but the rotary died at the end of the first season, so I converted it to V8 power.<!-- Signature -->
  14. hey look at my rx7

    I have a 1986 rx7 gxl, i already wrote and this is the one what do u think of it, its in mint condition.<!-- Signature -->
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    whats the insurance like on your rx7? i don't really know much about service history of rotary engines, do they need lots of service or constant service? i'm interested in buying a late 80's rx7 and i was just curious about the engine. also does it ride and handle well.
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    I also have an '86 GXL! I love it! I like your paint more than mine becasue mine is red and is peeling, but I am about to paint it black.
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    ya i seen a bit of reds. My car needs a paint job to cause it the paint does not match ina few places. does your car floood alot cause mine flooded twice already its very annoying. does your car have a kit on it. <!-- Signature -->
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    I's a nice car. I have a 1989 RX-7 it is in perfect condition and its so much fun to drive. I love being the owner of a wankel engine.
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    Nice car. I used to own a charcoal gray Mazda RX-7 GXL. I loved that car. I got rear-ended TWICE in the space of a year by two seperate but equally oblivious SUV-latte-cell-phone using idiots. So I traded it in for a 1995 Camry V-6 because I had a 50 mile commute. Worst mistake I ever made! I miss my old rear-wheel drive low-slung, hard-ride FUN car.
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    yer nice car, can't complain...
    go the rotaries.
    later<!-- Signature -->
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    The '86-87 RX7s have a serious issue with flooding. You can install a switch kit on the fuel pump that will stop the fuel from entering the system when teh car is shut off. My '86 Sport did it 6 times over the course of a year, then it ran lean, which caused teh engine to completely destroy itself.

    So, I did this:
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    What do you mean by kit? Like a body kit? It has no body kit if that is what you are talking about. Yea, my '86 would flood all the time during warm start-ups. If the car would sit for like 2 hours or more, then it wouldn't start and I would have to let it sit for like 4 more hours. So what I did is I cut a wire underneath the dash on the drivers side which stops fuel from being injected while turing the key. And now it starts all the time. I still have to touch the gas pedal a little, but all it is really doing is giving the engine more air. I am pretty sure that it is safe to do becasue I had the car brought to a mechanic that only works on RX-7's and he said it was fine.
  23. should i buy it

    I can getone of thease but its a gxl for like 3500 it has 50k on it shold i get it.
  24. Re: should i buy it

    what year?
    If its a 89' or newer with that many original unturned back mileage, then its a pretty good deal. GXL has the larger brakes, and it may even have the LSD dif. Also, it depends on the condition of the paint. whether it was garage kept or repainted are also concerns.
    If its all good, then offer him 3,000, but be willing to take 3,500.<!-- Signature -->
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    no, the GXL is heavier and slower you should be able to find a GTU or a Turbo 2 for that kind of money or less<!-- Signature -->

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