Why so heavy?

Discussion in '1991 Bugatti EB110 GT' started by Benz 280SL, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Common, i bet my minivan weighs less, or maybe just a little more. This car could be an excellent performer if it could just lose several hundred lbs. It's 700 lbs or more heavier than the SS. WHY?
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    all wheel drive (front, center, and rear differentials, and driveshafts) plus four turbochargers (and all the piping and intercoolers that go along with them). i think that's enough to make this car as heavy as it is.
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    And it also got some luxury too.
  4. Ah, this car is in no way luxurious. The GT has a few ammentities, such as leather seats, and an air conditioner, but I don't even think it has a radio. The weight comes all from the massive engine, the turbochargers, and the drivetrain.

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