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  1. Im not 100% sure on this but i will tell you my story:

    About 5 years ago i was in the local Dodge Dealer looking at the New Plymouth Prowler. I was there with my Dad, who had a few 30's hot rods in his past, so i had his opinons as well. Anyway, The salesman came buy and asked us if we were interested in buying it (joking of course, no one in my town can afford one). We asked if he could show us some of highlights.

    Through looking at the perfect interior, and the fair V6, we were not convinced this was a 'New Age Hot Rod' . The thing that caught my attention was the Trunk. The trunk in the Prowler was about half a foot deep, and three feet wide. Enough to store a folded suit, and a laptop computer.

    I asked the Salesman "What if i were to go golfing with a friend or buisness partner on the weekend?"

    He said "well, your out of luck"

    Parting company, i said "you should get this back to the Chrysler Corperation, i wonder if they know they made mistakes on the Prowler"

    His reply "I probably should"

    Now im not 100% sure, but look at those pictures, I see golfbags, and an added V8 rather than the V6. I wonder if my Idea inspired the Invention of the Plymouth Howler??????????<!-- Signature -->
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    go back to the dealership
    see if that salesman got a promotion <IMG SRC="http://www.supercarforums.com/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
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    i'm betting on hell no
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    they might of but not likely anyway if you think a prowler has a FAIR V6 you need help prowlers need major help they need to get a new frame cause the neon frame is for everything. <!-- Signature -->
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    ferraripassion~ who told you the prowler was on a neon frame? The Prowler was designed from the ground up, there is no neon in this car! It is one of chrysler corporartion's image cars that came from concept to showroom (the viper is another). Do your homework before you post on this site please

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    Walperstyle, if this is true, I would run back to the store and see if you could work for Plymouth. Redesigning and stuff!!!!

    keep the faith
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    The Prowler/Howler is built on a modified Intrepid frame.<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey, if your story is true, I would like to congratulate you, because that is one hell of a cowincidence
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    The359 is wrong... sorry. It was NOT built on the LH platform (codename for the Intreped/Concorde/LHS/300M and formally the Eagle Vision). Mainly considering the fact that they are all front wheel drive and the Prowler/Howler are rear wheel drive. Also, the Prowler was a pioneer in the development of the aluminum frame, which Ferrari took great interest in when designing the 360 Modena.
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    I actually think this car is kindof a good idea<!-- Signature -->
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    Your thoughts about this car when you went into the dealership were shared by just about everyone one else that see's this car. Everyone, including all the media, felt that it needed a V8 to be a hot rod. They also noted that it was useless becuase you literally could not do anything but drive. These types of cars are generally just for cruisin' around, golfin' and maybe a weekend getaway, and you couldn't do that. So, no, your thoughts were not the reason this was made. sorry
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    I like this car a lot more than the prowler. cool name too.
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    It could happen, but I think this was some sort of crossover project, like a Plymouth Prowler/Chevy El Camino.<!-- Signature -->
  14. This is the most amazing thread ever.


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