Why this and no 1969 Hemi Charger Daytona?

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  1. Personally, I like the Charger Daytona more than the Superbird.
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    I like this one more.
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    Same here, although the Daytona was a beast aswell.
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    What's the difference between them?
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    both of these cars are the exact same. the only difference was the name. just like the dart and the duster. one had the name dodge and the other said plymouth. thats why there is only one of them. there is no point in having 2 identical cars on the site.
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    OK, so therefore it would also be quite stupid to say that you prefer the Charger Daytona over the Superbird like "killer69" did....
    It seems like Plymouth and Dodge had "bunch" of similar models.
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    Conmparison Chart
    1.) Challenger
    2.) Coronet
    3.) Superbee

    1.) Cuda
    2.) GTX
    3.) Road Runner

    *The Charger was pretty much in a world of its own

    Superbird and Daytona were the same body, along with wing and nose. Differance was just lettering and decals. Nothing else

    *Superbee was the performance option compared to the Coronet. They did make Coronets with 383's and 440's and Hemi's, but it was also considered just a sedan. The Superbee was purely sold as a perfromance car. Only engines available in 68 for the Bee werea 383 and Hemi. In 69 it was the 383, and Hemi -( Halfway through the year they introduced the 440 Six Pack) in 70 you could get a 383, 440, or Hemi.
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    Hey Sedriss, Have you ever thought about trading your Bee for a Hemi?

    I'm about to get rid of my 66 Impala to get something smaller, sportier and convertible like a Camaro, Chevelle or something like that.
    What convertible Mopar would you get?
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    Well, for me I wouldnt get rid of my bee, it was a graduation from my Dad. Him and I restored it and I couldnt put a price on that. What I will be doing though is that this winter coming up, him and I have set up som time for us to rip the engine out and tweak it. Have it rebuilt but add a new cam, new carb, and intake. Im not sure if i will get headers or not. Not to many companys out there actually make nice ones that will fit on the mopars without giving you some trouble. What im doing is following a little guide in a mopar muscle issue where they just take a couple bolt on parts and add them to a stock 383 and get over 450 horse. What I like about it, when you look at it, the engine does really look like it was messed around with. Kinda like a sleeper effect. "Theres more to this 383 than meets the eye". Of course it might have a lil more of a growl, but i dont think it will be that noticable (hehe only when i hit the gas). But that is my plan for the bee, I just couldnt set a price for it. Hmmm conv. mopar, I would have to say a Dart. My dads is conv. and it just looks right for the car. A Cuda that is conv. to me just doesnt look right. To me, the Cuda was a badass car and i just like to see one with a even flow with the body lines. A conv. would be nice but how it looks on a Cuda just doesnt look that aggresive to me. If it has a vinyl top, that looks ok. Wierd huh?
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    In reality, if you do some research on these Winged Warriors you would know that the 1970 Plymout Superbird, and 1969 Dodge Daytona are not identical cars. They do not share the same wing, or nose cone, or hood scoops, or even rear windows, nor same body. The Dodge Daytona is based upon the 1969 Dodge Charger 500 body, with a flush rear window, and modified 1970 front fenders. The Plymouth Superbird is based upon a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner body and chasis. There is a difference in wheel base, and even a difference in the length of the front nose cone. A difference in the width of the rear wing. No part that makes a Daytona a Daytona, will interchance on a Superbird. I really wish that people who would claim to know things about these cars would speak up and not let others go on and on about how much the same they are. And speaking of cars being the same there isn't an interchanchable part between a challenger and a cuda for that matter, unless of course you consider engines, rear ends, transmissions, or tires, but body wise none that are the same.
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    Okey Dokey. In Referance, Daytona and Superbird were the same body. They were B-Bodys. A lil differance in looks but still the same. Yes they were differant but my quote was to referance on what type of body they were. Fenders were a lil differant but you could interchange the doors on the Daytonas and the Birds. And next to the E-Bodies. Yes you could interchange parts on a cuda or challenger. You could change the hood, doors, and the front panels. Along with engines, trannys and so fourth with what you said. But for the most part, a lot of the parts were interchangable. Some of the pieces might look a lil differant in some areas but they did fit.
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    Bobs318Dart, there is a differance, the superbird had a very slightly different nose cone making the superbird better aerodynamically.
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    There was nothing the same on the Superbird or the Dodge Daytona.The Daytona was built with a Charger body, the doors are not interchangeable! If it would have been built on the Coronet body the doors would swap out okay, but it wasn't. The Daytona also had the long rear window pillars like the Charger so the trunk was just a short thing and thats why there is a difference in wing height on the Bird vs the Daytona cause the Bird has a fullsize trunk lid. The height was so the trunk lid would open all the way. The rear window is different also.
    You really needed to see what these cars were designed to do because they did it quite well considering that todays NASCAR cars are basicaly all the same. King Richard(Petty) could pass anybody any where on the track that he wanted too..on the high banks or on the straights all he would do is pullout and pass. Thats when stock cars looked like something you could buy in any showroom. The only thing todays stock cars have in common with whats at the dealer is...........................nuff said!
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    Exactly SoCal.
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    Daytona/Superbird differences

    Big difference in Daytona and Superbird.

    Daytona has smaller and less rake vertical uprights but same height. Nose is different with airdam at the extreme front and Superbird at the bottom. Superbird wings move inward as they go up and Daytona wings move outward. Fenders are 70 superbee for daytona and 70 coronet for superbird. hood is 70 superbee for superbird.

    common to both: they both kick some serious a#@

    RIGHT TURNS: both Daytona and Superbird yes they made right turns. Superbird's first race was the now legendary but long gone Riverside raceway roadcourse piloted none other than the king himself Petty and Dan Gurney who raced and won Formula 1, 24 Le Mans just to name a few. And yes it did win on that course, not the debut but late on the 1970 race calendar. Don't believe me, get your copy at raresportsfilms.com or better yet: http://www.aerowarriors.com/
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    take it from someone who sees both cars everyday. they may look alike but are totally different. 1st. the nosecone on the daytona is shorter and has the grille and turn signals on the leading edge (inbedded in the grille). the superbirds nose cone has the grille and turn signals (located on the outsides next to grille) under the leading edge and is longer. nose cone not interchangable. 2nd. the fenders on both cars are not at all the same. the daytona's are from a '70 charger b/c the '69 chargers fenders had recesses for the bumper. the superbird's fenders are off of the '70 coronet and are longer and broder than the charger fenders 3rd. spoilers are not at all alike, the daytona's has less rake and is 17" in height and creates less drag due to the design of the rear of the car which is called a semi-fastback. the superbird's spoiler is 24" tall and wider at the base and has more rake thus creating more drag, but the plymouth handled better at speed. this is b/c the rear window was a modified plymouth b-body window and the work that was done was hidden by the vinyl top. for more info on these cars you can got to www.aerowarriors.com.

    P.S. the lines of a 'cuda and challenger are so different no exterior part will interchange except door handles and windows. the hood of a challeger overhangs while the 'cuda has a filler between the hood and leading edge. even the marker lights are different.
  17. Actually, The Superbird and Daytona have many differences if you look closely enough.

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