Why would you mess with a Ferrari?

Discussion in '1996 Hamann F512M Widebody' started by Jthedriva, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Got to agree with you there, why mess with perfection. Why wouuld you put a body kit on such a nice and expensive car, i wouldn't mind having the engine tweeked though.
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    Wider fenders means you can have wider tires. Wider tires put power to the ground better.
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    thats not his point, its about screwing with such a well made car, would u ever change the smile on the mona lisa? same thing
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    Smile on the Mona Lisa??? Whatever, anyway even if something is very high performance it can still always be improved upon slightly while still being street legal. With some cars they are so barely street legal that they can't be modified that much at all.
  5. That's true. I think it's ok to modify a great car in some situations as long as it doesn't ruin the car's original character. It's ok to bore out a big V8, but I hate it when people try to stick huge turbos on a great naturally aspirated V12. It ruin's the car's throttle response and power curve. As far as asthetics go, that's a tough call. This body kit is very well done, but I like the original look of the 512. I wouldn't do anything to it if I owned one...

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