1. why are people dissin american cars why us americans should go against these ass holes who diss us because were free and they arent
  2. Re: why

    Tell me this isn't for real. Did you just combine politics and foreign policy in the same thought? For #$%#'s sake. I really hope you don't actually own a Mustang. If you do, you embarrass me.
  3. Re: why

    i don't care what they have said, you went to far. there is somethings you can bring up others even if they are fact are not suppose to be said.
  4. Re: why

    geez im srry i ever brought this up oh well and yes i do own a mustang he he
  5. Re: why

    I agree with them, and the part about owning a mustang cuz u embarrass me too. You need to be careful of what u say.

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