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  1. It's a 3.2litre manual gearbox car, right? yet only 280bhp i dont think so! they managed to get 125hp per litre out of the S2000 so why not here, then it would have 400bhp 0-60 would have passed you by in under 4 seconds! and the top speed would be scraping the sweet side of 200MPH!! E-mail me to tell me what you think [email protected]

    Also can you tell me how much it would cost for a set of white tyres for my car they dont have to be road legal as they would be on a different set of wheels and would only be put on at the show and taken off when leaving!
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    You guys have to watch this.

    The NSX-R is only 0.8 seconds slower than the GT2 and 2.8 seconds quikcer than the Carrera 4S at Sugo. That is not slow, and is performance way beyond what its hp should allow it to do. Ehemm...Evo Magazine said the Corvette cannot even take on the 4S and has iffy high speed handling.

    Enjoy the video while it lasts!


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    The reason Honda veered from high hp/liter like the S2000 has, is due to the UTTER lack of low-end torque. The S2000 is VERY fast... once it gets beyond 5,700 RPM, then the horsepower starts multiplying and soon the V-TEC struts its stuff... this is cool (i guess... it's the ONE MAJOR flaw of the S2000), but not for a flagship model.

    This wasn't copasetic, so honda dropped the hp/liter to add more low-end torque, giving it a launch not to be underestimated if done properly. Torque is above average at low RPM's, and RPM's are gained very quickly in an NSX, giving it more horsepower right when you need it the most.

    nsx.vtec.net has a video of an NSX dragging with a Porsche 911 N/A. The 911 has 380HP... against the NSX's 280HP. Bad times for honda you say? Think again! The NSX WAILED on the 911 by a little over 1 second in the quarter mile. For some odd reason which I couldn't explain: the NSX seems to defy the laws of mathematics when it comes to horsepower... The F355 (with 5 more HP) lost by a little less than a tenth of a second to an NSX as well... what a car! Cheap speed is nice, but NSX's... what can I even SAY?
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    The NSX is not underpowered. So don't say a word.

    Perfect balance, perfect gearbox, and perfect styling.
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    Isn't there some agreement between the Japanese car companies that they won't make a car over 300 hp from the factory? I remember hearing that somewhere, which would be one explanation for the NSX only having 280 or so. I can think of some exceptions though, like the Skyline GT-R, 300ZX TT, or the 3000gt vr4...

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