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  1. Saturn should not make sports cars. Or should i say TRY to make sports cars
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    Nothing wrong with these cars. They are fun cars. A car capable of 250WHP on stock internals is not too bad.
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    124 hp buddy. and thats with intake
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    124bhp is stock hp for an sc2 actually, and saturn's aren't too shabby as sports cars. I've seen 'em run mid 13's all engine.
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    124hp with a hks intake... thats #$%#in retarded.... u could do better with a civic... doesnt even do as good as a civic ex which has 127hp stock... oh and that body kit blows...
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    Guess what? A saturn holds the top speed record for it's class. Previously held by a civic, it was shattered by 30 MPH. New top speed for an Ion(modded of course) 211 mph. Not to shabby, beats the crap out of the civic. Look it up if you don't believe me.
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    250 WHP with stock internals? BS, the stock motor can handle about 6 psi reliably, anything beyond that you have to build up the head.,forget pistons, etc...
  8. I have a strange liking of the car.

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