Will I get to 7000 posts by the end of the year?

Discussion in 'MooSquad's Website Forum' started by supercarfreak123, May 14, 2006.

  1. The question is, can I hit 10k by the end of June? I'd be pretty stunned if I did.
  2. That i doubt.
  3. I know I would do that easily, 1300 in 1,5 month.
  4. How bout July. It feels like I've been at this forever. Think i'm in the top 300 posters?
  5. Yeah, well your a #$%#ing whore. If you wanted to, you could do it in a week.
  6. I COULD
    but seriously, I don't have THAT much to say
  7. I dunno, definitely before november, but you just don't post that much.
  8. will i get to 5000 this summer?
  9. It's quite rediculous. I feel like I post all the time. I read sometimes though. BUt I spam sometimes too. I mostly stay in general, and go to the car forums occasionally. I've gotta have 10 posts a day or so, sometimes more, but that's just nothing compared to you negro's.

    Seriously, think i'm top 300 or 500?
  10. Tell me about it.
  11. Don't kid yourself.
  12. Hell no, you may be in the top 1000 though.
  13. Seriously, how many really active members post here you think?
  14. Also, you other negro's agree with AMG?
  15. Maybe ~150. But there are a shitload of people in the indies with about as much as you, pushing you down the rankings. And most people who post here with any frequency seem to be at or near 10k
  16. I've never seen an indies-only bloke with 5000+
  17. Yeah, that what I was thinking. And I wasn't really thinking about dude's in the indies anyways. I was talking about guys in the general forums. So answer the question Moo.
  18. Heh, yeah. But I think your wrong about the indies. Moo would know.
  19. Dunno, I think you're top 100.

    edit: in v2 we used to have stats considering this
  20. Yeah, I know. I've been bugging Dan to do this for a while. You seriously think I'm top 100? Maybe, cool.
  21. Ima go spam the indies now. See you lata.
  22. Shit, I missed 8888.
  23. piriri
  24. Bummer

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