will we really get this car?

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by Realm28, Aug 10, 2002.

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  2. What i mean is, when we get a car in the states we get tunned down versions. I can think of lots of examples. The Lancer is the car that hurt me the most. Mitsubishi must think that we are stupid. They dressed up the Mirage. The car only comes with 120 hp. The car doesn't even come with all-wheel drive. Talking about this subject really pisses me off. The Subura Impreza WRX is not quite as disapointing. Atleast it still has all-wheel drive, but it does not have 280 hp and 288 ft/bl of torque. I do not think i am asking too much. I just want what everyone else in the world is able to have. I d not understand why we get weak versions of he cars. Can someone explain to me why we get short changed?
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    You do know that the Lancer in Japan is a econobox too, just like what we have here, right? And the massively powerful WRX is the STi version, not the standard one, which we have here. Both cars we have here are just what they say they are, not the Lan-Evo and not the STi, so I will assure you the RX-8 will come as it should. Also, if it makes you rest any easier, both the WRX STi and the Lancer Evolution VII should be in the US in 2002.<!-- Signature -->
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    the WRX STi and Evo 7 will kill this mazda +) heheh i have seen no real info on the Evo 7 though.. i dont think it will arrive in 02'. The STi will.. +D heheheh<!-- Signature -->
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    Evo VII has been for sale for a long time, in Japan and in some parts of europe too. Here in Finland, we dont get the WRX-STi(might be possible by a special offer) and the Evo VII we can't get at all. But I don't need them, wait for next summer and my Prim will eat even Evos(incoming SR20DET with over 400hp).<!-- Signature -->

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