Willys2 - RIGHT ON!!!!

Discussion in '1911 Locomobile Model 48' started by arizona-sun, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. By far one of the best design concepts for a four wheel drive vehicle to come out of the auto show. Its about time that truck manufacturers remember the orginial idea behind a 4 wheel drive vehicle, to actually go into the outdoors! This concept aims squarely at today's younger and young at heart prospective buyers and gives them a vehicle to play with! This truck will get you in the back country for the fresh pow!

    Who cares how fast this is. The high ground clearance limits the speed of this truck. Who wants to go fast around a courner just to flip over? I might even want this without the supercharger. All the torque from the super charger would just cause the wheels to spin in an off-road situation anyway.

    The only thing that's a bit odd is the dash. Also, the more rugged youths out there would prefer a manual over an automatic on a truck like this any day.

    SO to all those who don't like this - we don't want you in the back country anyway!
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    i agree
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    i have a 1948 CJ2A Willys and well i dont like this......i think they have killed the Willys name
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    you cool jeep cool me have jeep it cool
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    This is the coolest lookin car ever.
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    i wouldn't go that far but yeah its cool
  7. my grandpa would buy this car if it came out

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