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  1. this is a wimpy car
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    this car is full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    What the hell is this?
    5 seconds is fast, but it's ugly.<!-- Signature -->
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    You would want that speed so that no body would see you.
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    vPour 1991, Tom Walkinshaw lance la construction de machine complètement différente répondant à la nouvelle réglementation des Sport 3,5 litres.

    Les XJR-14 marqueront le dernier sacre de Jaguar dans la discipline.

    Néanmoins cette année là, le team nippon Suntec engage avec l'appui du TWR une XJR-11 dans le JSPC.

    Débarquant dans ce championnat à partir de la seconde manche
    <!-- Signature -->
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    Wow this is one ugly POs.
    This car might be worse that the ford focus svt.....
    Wonder what this costs? LOL
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    I do not think it is ugly. But for those who do, there is one this about this car that makes it VERY desirable. Its EPA City/Hwy is 264!!! You've gotta respect that.
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    OK, here's news. The people who made the page for this car stuck "264.0" into the EPA box by accident. 264.0 is the number of HORSEPOWER on this car. Take a look for yourself.<!-- Signature -->
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    A sedan with 170 MPH? i dont think that's wimpy. you cant tell me your Toyota Corrolla S goes that fast, heck it could barely get 170 KMH out of it
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    There's no Mercedes that has 260 HP in a 2.1 L, and even the SL600 doenst even have the top speed this deos. all of your fancy sports two seaters have barely over 150MPH top speed, and have huge 6L engines with 480 HP
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    in fact, this car beats the ford focus svt....... idiot!!! no american car can boast 260HP in 2.lL, and no jap cars can do it without turbos
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    I agree
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    5 seconds is the opposite of wimpy for a sedan with its hp. You could smoke people in their jacked up Civics and watch them cry after you beat them.
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  15. The new BMW M5 pulls zero to 60 less than a second faster than this car. And this car is 8 years old.

    real wimpy

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