Wing that doubles as a park bench

Discussion in '2000 Ford Focus FR200 Concept' started by Ford rulez, Feb 5, 2003.

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    Just remember, the only car that comes from the factory ryced out is the Mustang GT.
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    The Mustang GT has a completely NON-FUNCTIONAL, STRICTLY ANESTHETIC hood scoop, and NON-FUNCTIONAL, STRICTLY ANESTHETIC side air vents, both of which are blocked off by a black plastic sheet. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that the very definition of ryce?

    By my understanding of the term, "ryce" refers to performance hindering parts that are there to make the car look fast.

    The drag inducing Hood scoop and side vents are no different than the drag inducing wings on so many "ryced out" four bangers, that have absolutely no function, the only difference is the degree of performance hinderance.
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    yeah but just bc the mustang has ryce elements doesnt really matter because the whole ryce phenomenom is mostly done with japanese cars, stock or not.And my point was that America should leave the ryce in japan and focus on our styling and designs, there is more than one market out there
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    My point is that while people are always bashing imports for being ryced out, an American "icon" is coming from the factory that way, while it's just the owners that are rycing imports out, it's quite ironic really.

    Also hypocratic for someone to say "ryced out cars suck, the mustang kicks the ass of all imports."
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    not you specifically, but a lot of people do, anyway, that wasn't an exact quote, that was a quote of the attitude a lot of people have.

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