Wingless Evo's and Sti's

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by MaNoSS, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Post pictures. Thanks. Either smaller wings, or none at all.
  2. beauty man, I respekt. I have considered taking the wing off of the 01 RS. Still trying to decide
  3. Post pics, I am jealous. She sounds like a beauty.
  4. I normally hate huge wings, but the EVO and STi just aren't the same without them. WIthout, they just look like base Lancers and Imprezas.
  5. Dont get me wrong, I like them, but recently Ive seen a few nicely modded evo's without the spolers, and a few sti's with wrx spoilers and they looked grand.
  6. Somehow without the huge wings these cars look rather, incomplete!
  7. seems to be either love or hate... none inbetween.. I think if the car is modified then yes sometimes it looks good without.

    In standard form it just looks wrong.
  8. I like the small wing on the Evo, looks really good. But without a wing the cars look naked.
  9. Nice thread, now we need more pics...
  10. Poor Little Blue Evolution VIII. -*-
  11. if your are refering to the one in the water, thats a subaru..
  12. I will do that when I put my spats on, should be some time after christmas

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