Winston Churchill

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  1. Found this on the local CRASBO list posted in a shop window, LOL

    Does this happen in other civilized countries?
  2. LOL they're calling them CRASBOs now? that's hilarious

    and as IF his name is Winston Churchill
  3. Are all your criminals children?
  4. The real Winston Churchill's house was right around the corner from my parent's apartment in London.
  5. Maybe mugshots of higher profile arrests, but not for ASBO. Our nearest equivalent for ASBO would be disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace, and they don't bother with that.
  6. whats crasbo
  7. whats crasbo
  8. it's an acronym for "you can google crasbo and it's the first response"
  9. you annoy me
    and other people
  10. you annoy me
    and other people
  11. can just click on the picture that was posted ...

  12. lol, it even says it in the picture. i didnt notice
  14. I need my Swagger back.

    A couple years ago i was an Alpha. I used to pump iron, go skydiving, go to a range, going to Vegas etc. Basically i was an Alpha Male. I still was lonely but doing these things made me feel macho and not depressed.

    Then i stopped doing these things. And in doing so i lost my swagger. Now i walk like a defeated man.

    A wise man once said, show your adversaries that you're strong even if you're not. Now i am on a quest to be once again an Alpha Male, walking fast with arms out, being rude or obnoxious.

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