Wireless Home Theather Speaker Setup

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  1. So I have this home theater system and the rear speakers for the surround sound are "Wireless Ready". I'm assuming I'd need some kind of sending unit or something to make them function wirelessly? Anyone know anything about this kind of setup?
  2. If you can hard wire them then do it. Wireless does not have the fidelity as normally wired speakers have.
  3. Oh, I can wire them, it'd just be nice to do it wirelessly so I wouldn't have to have wires running all over the place.
  4. There's always a way, it just depends on how much you want to spend.
  5. Oh, and did the speakers/receiver come with an instruction manual?
  6. I'm not down with wireless speakers.
  7. Yea, but it doesn't mention anything about how to set that up.
  8. Go to the manufacturer's website. Chances are you have to buy the sender, and you just connect it to the normal speaker outputs of your receiver.
  9. this

    if i had the means to get the audio system i wanted, sound quality would come ahead of convenience
  12. If you're this worried about wires, set up your rear speakers as front height speakers. That's what I did since I have no space behind the couch. It basically provides sound "cover" and the side speakers are more than capable of providing that surround sound. Dolby PLIIz supports front height speakers.
  13. no wireless? how does it get the power!
  14. either batteries or an outlet. wireless speakers aren't worth it
  15. 1/18 receiver
  16. That's the reason why they're not worth it? Because I happen to have a power outlet behind the couch where my rear speakers are. The power cord going to the speakers is not the reason why they're an attractive option.
  17. not the only reason. they are also expensive and have sound quality issues. i think that unless they are the only option for a room, it's better to just do some cable trickery.
  18. arent you the guy who bought a godzilla sized tv and put it in a mouse size room?

    how far could your speakers be from your receiver ....
  19. It won't be in that room for long, it's just temporary until I move out. Once I move out, it will be going in a much larger room. And I don't even have the rears hooked up at all at the moment, it's not really necessary given how small the room is, but once I move out in a month or two, I'd like to have them set up.

    I wasn't aware that wireless speakers wouldn't offer the same sound quality of wired ones, so I'll just wire them now. It would be convenient for them to be wireless, but I didn't spend all of this money to give up a quality for a bit of convenience.
  20. Put your wires under your carpet/floorboards/tiles/lino/gym mat
  21. Now these speakers
    Are they 1:1 or

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  22. and i keep reading this as home theater thpeaker thetup
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  23. Wireless will always have inherent bandwidth limitations compared to a wired solution, but it may or may not represent a practical barrier. The thing's going to work on 900MHz or 2.4GHz or whatever, but you're only having to send one channel of audio per send/receive pair, so it seems like it 2.4GHz is capable of hitting "150 megabits" (not counting multiple radios or channel bonding or any of that nonsense that can give you up to 450 megabit - and actual throughput varies, of course) for data among your network, shouldn't you be able to send a single stream of audio over such a channel?

    But there's always interference problems, too. Wireless is always going to be inferior to wired, but that doesn't automatically mean it's crap. You'd probably be happy enough with it if you had a chance to hear it.
  24. Lol
  25. Yeah, my buddy has to kill his wireless speakers anytime he wants to use his wireless router, and vice-versa.

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