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    Give me a break, there are plenty of cars that could would whoop the XJ220. Face it, the XJ220 is out of date and just plain boring.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Richard Owen</i>
    <b>This is such a huge car. The XJR15 would be a neat substitute.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Well, compared to a racing car (the XJR15) of course it's huge! The XJR15 weighs just over ton and costs close to one million USD. For a production car (in 1990!) this puppy is worth every cent! Also 3000 lbs is not bad at all. If you wanted to race, yeah, weight reduction would be in order. Maybe a good competitor would be the F40, but again, after a diet!
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    The XJ220 is GOD's personal sports cars that he drives on the hiaghways of heaven this car is with out a doubt the best looking car of our time other than the XJR-15,they both share the throne.plus I have had the amazing pleasure of seeing,touching,and sitting in one in the same day the car is almost orgasmic it looks so good. I live in maryland an auto dealership called Prestige Imports has one in it's showroom.A silver one to be exact and it's completely street legal as are all XJ220's.
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    This truly is a great car. By the way, regarding this title for the post "Woah". Isn't it spelled "Whoa"?
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    GGG, could you name a few cars that HAVE beat it? We can all argue until we die which car is the king supreme. Until we own a supercar and race each other we can only speculate. I don't believe this car can be beat. Possibly a McLaren F1, but I don't consider that a production vehicle. Plus the McLaren doesn't have this kitty's looks. But, who knows? And to the guy who says this thing can't handle? Are you kidding me? I bet this thing handles better than my Civic. It raced LeMans and won it's class (but was disqualified on a technicality) so it has to be able to handle. Well, that's my two cents.
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    Still waiting to know which cars can beat this one.
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    I've seen one of these at a local car show. I didn't really think it looked all that great on this site but the second i saw it i was drooling over it. Don't say anything about any car before you've seen it in real life
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    It's aweseome because it doesn't have big time blindspots and it also has a sunroof.
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    This car is my favorite of all time. It is beautiful. But now I'm getting kind of scared. I've read that the transmission rattles below 2,000RPM. This kind of scares me because I realy want one. Also I've heard that the interior is horrible, which might be true because the car looks old in the inside, to me though. Also I've heard that the gaps are not that great. I still might buy one when I get enough money but as of now I'm still a scared dreamer.
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    no its doesn't rattle.
    couple people changed the 5 to a 6 to increase acceleration
    the inside looks old, because it's jaguar. but nothing wrong with it.
    and nothing that you can't spice up with a couple hundred dollars.
    only 200 left, and one of them is on sale on ebay.
    get it while you still can :)
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    Whoaah is righ,lol!
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    Great car, great looks, great performance.
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    Wow this is one hell of a car. that is the best top speed i have ever seen for a standard prodution v6 it is encreadibly fast. definatly one of the best cars ever made
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    you're a #$%#ing idiot.

    1. this car is ten years old, comparing an enzo to it is, quite frankly, moronic.

    2. the enzo, though incredibly fast and worthy of great respect, is one of the ugliest pieces of turd to leave maranello for years. ferrari's should be beautiful and the enzo isnt... or at best is an aquired taste. the XJ220 is one of the most beautiful, sleekest supercars ever (with debateable wheels!) and is seriously quick

    you're post only served to show how immature and ignorant you are. are you twelve by any chance?

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