Women of the World

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 787B FrEaK, Nov 17, 2010.

  2. Sweden produced this. I dunno. I think I love her.
  3. We have pretty similar tastes in ladies, it seems.

    I would do horrible things to her.
  4. girl would be hot without the piercings/tattoos/cyan hair
  5. You're such a #%$. She has a single septum piercing, and a tiny little tattoo on the inside of her arm. She's pretty #$%#ing tame by most standards.
  6. I like cute looking girls with curly brown hair.
  7. These girls are also hot.
  8. tats on girls are disgusting
  9. Tattooed girls are delicious. And usually have a thing for guys like me. Like this one did. I was trying to have a quiet night to myself and buds when she ran up and started hitting on me.
  10. no and no.
  11. seriously. big turn off.
  12. Love Asian girls they are the hottest there is.
  13. This post does not surprise me.
  14. some dutch chicks.
  15. Slavic and Canadian girls for sure.
  16. OMG Yes
  18. gross
  19. I have totally grown out of liking this look
  20. "And usually have a thing for guys like me."

    why, what do you look like?

    also, she is yuck, but i hope you smashed her anyway
  21. Nigger >>> red fur devil ok

    All you boring 20 something males lack creativity because you only want to have coitus with boring 20 something gweilo bimbo and continue being inbred ****.

    Suck my fat tits I'm moving to Africa and get many wild nigger woman instead of Shanghai selfish whore who only after my money.
  22. half chinese half african? that sounds horrific

    will your DNA even hybridise?

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