won't go fast

Discussion in '2002 GM Autonomy Concept' started by sweet13, Aug 9, 2002.

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    lol, lol look at me i say shit like "wont go fast especially when i dont know #$%#in dick all about this car"
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    remember it only a concept car!!!
    but if gm make it i am sure it's going to be fast!!
    maybe a the next vx220 (opel speedster)
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    does anybody know about the new concept cars that you can change the body. and it also runs on fuel cells.<!-- Signature -->
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    i kno gm is comin out wit a 2004 corvette 560 hp hehehe kick ass to all the vipers in the world
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    And what the heck does a viper have to do with this?

    Damn don't you guys see?
    This car is set for 18 years in the future!

    Fuel cells will advance a hell lot and maybe even kick some Lamborghini's ass (not saying a production car like this will, though)<!-- Signature -->
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    it is not suposed to
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    in 2010 they expect to relase models that go to around 120 mph, now they have it almost going 100, thats fast enouph for the average person if you ask me
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    This is not an electric car for god's sake. It surely would be fast enough for the average driver.
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    That's not nearly fast enough for me.
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    if you think about it, fuel cells have been around for a very short time, but if they got them going to 100 in this short of a time, think about 20 or 30 years from now with 300 mph cars, and it could get even faster beyond that (or they'll even something like nitrogen fuel cell or something......)
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    Fuel cell simply generates electricity by simple reaction(nitrogen fuel cell is silly =p):

    2H2 + O2 => 2H2O

    Each fuel cell only produces 1.23 volts. Something with higher standard reduction potentials would work better (more volts), but then why not just use a gas engine. The beauty of the fuel cell is that only hydrogen and oxygen is used and clean water is produced + 1.23 volts.

    The only problem with why there arent fast cars with fuel cells is because many many many individual fuel cells are required to make a large powerful fuel cell. A powerful fuel cell is currently very heavy, and pricy =o

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