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  1. Any wood workers/carpenters here?

    Currently fixing some furniture with glue and pressure plates (not the right word I think). I think if I had to choose a different career I'd just build wood furniture.
  2. I haven't built any furniture in years, but yeah, it's fun.
  3. ya, I do lots of it.


    got all the doors cut for my kitchen I have been updating , now just need to do trim and find a powder coat guy that can do wood and will take on an individual job, I don.t want to paint all this.
  4. It's fun to do, but it can get expensive when you take on projects that require specialized tools and table/bench tools, as opposed to just simple hand tools. Painstakingly making different kinds of joints by hand is incredibly rewarding to me for some reason.
  5. I haven't made anything out of wood for years.
    Can't wait to buy a house and hope there's room for a sweet workshop.
  6. I just rent the tools I don't have and can't borrow if its going to be a one time thing ...

    table saw , radial arm saw , drill press are good investments when building up your shop

    the trade school near me also sells after hours time in their shop as well ... pretty sweet having access to a mortiser.
  7. nice.

    indeed the esthetic is hard and combursome, last time I tinted a natural bed it took me hours for it to get done.
  8. that's what keeps me from jumping too deep into this, you indeed need the proper tools to do a good job and some of them are very costly and can only be used for one thing.

    and I do agree, and thats what I find also interesting is doing hand-work. does good for the mind after a whole week on a stupid macintosh.
  9. I like to fassion my own chairs
  10. Does big boy make you assembly too ?
  11. My grandfather was a mechanical engineer and would spend his spare time turning stuff
    I think we've got a wooden chain that he made somehwere
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  13. i have a sweet idea on a table and some benches. gonna make it when i get some time. it will be rad.
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  15. Rocking. For your porch.
  16. This weeks project
  17. whhat is that
    a tray for eating tv dinner in front of the tv
    the kind that fits over your lap whilst you are upon the couch
  18. Lol it might be if I was American , I call it a table
  19. love it, +1
  20. thanks man

    got all the trim done for the cabinets as well ...

  21. up until....November-ish, I owned a cabinet/millwork shop...

    but I didn't do as much of the technical hands on kinda stuff.
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    the fun stuff , I was actually hoping you would have contributed to my kitchen thread ...

    still trying to pick a colour for the cabinets to be powder coated ...

    here is where these doors are going to go , going to be a 5 piece shaker style

    am planning on doing them in white but like some of the kitchens that have lowers a different colour than the uppers ..

  23. this is the kitchen I love the most
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    lol yah, the fun stuff.

    I liked the all the white. It's like having it on a car or something. You're not necessarily making the biggest statement, but it'll be timeless. It depends on what your application and the setting of the kitchen. If you're doing a solid wood door, then I'd stain it instead of a full color. That way, when the wood expands and contracts, the paint around the joints don't develop cracks.

    The 2 tone stuff kinda works. I have done a few jobs like that. Just make sure you're not doing too much with the colors. Usually in kitchens and bathrooms, the most comfortable space is one that looks clean and maintained.

    And ya haha, I don't really like posting about work things on SC.net, it just makes me angry sometimes. Everyone is a licensed doctor, lawyer, mechanic. Just makes me angry.

    If you need a second opinion or something, feel free to send me over a PM, if that works.
  25. solid white shaker kitchens will ALWAYS be around.

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