World Baseball Classic

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  1. this time around has already been infinitely better, a bunch of a good games, and you can tell that the US team is there to try to win not to show up. on top of that every other team is taking it seriously and putting a lot of pride into the effort. really shows what I'm missing out for not having a team to root for/not liking to watch football for international stuff.

    therefore discuss/in before baseball sucks.

    oh ya, and omg netherlands that's insane
  2. No one outside of US plays lame 'baseball' u noob.
  3. I went to it whenever it was in LA, last year I think. Funnily enough this year its here in Toronto, and I didn't go.
  4. I loled when I saw Andres Galarraga on Venezuela.
  5. im pretty sure i said this
  6. oh what up big cat. for some reason ozzy looks like he keeps getting fatter and fatter maybe to compete I dunno
  7. baseball is boring as batshit
  8. I'm still pissed vizquel signed with the Rangers.
  9. how comes? I like it, now we have 8 hitters again, and it opens more opportunities for young guys to make something happen. with our pretty decent starting rotation we might actually...have a winning season. he was sure fun to watch on the diamond though
  10. yea yea yea yea I know I just miss him so hard.
  11. Back off, that man is a legend back home.

    And the DR is out? holy shit, and Cuba is losing 4-3 to Australia right now, talk about upsets.
  12. I read he wants to follow Ozzie's steps and become a manager. This year he's gonna be pretty much an extra coach for the Rangers, especially for their new shortstop phenom they're supposed to have.
  13. netherlands is good?
  14. Seems like it. They beat the Dominican Republic twice and they were the favorites to win it all.

    Cuba beats Australia 5 to 4 so no upset. But this Australian team can flat out hit the ball.
  15. Kinsler is already a beast/super jew. I hope he becomes a manager so I can love him forever. He is possibly the nicest guy I have ever met. O yea I met him once and I'm still smitten today; he is my fav ss.
  16. Yeah he's an awesome dude. I shed a tear when he went back to Caracas last year and played his last games on our team in the winter league.
  17. Dude. I am still a big fan, but he was ancient when he played for the Giants now he's like 50 and still truckin. AND he had lymphoma in 1999 then in 2000 had an awesome season. Mad respect for mad geezer.
  18. At least it isn't cricket.
  19. It must be the Mary J.
  21. I saw a game in Toronto; US v. Canada....pretty awesome game. 42K people there too, def go again.
  22. netherlands #1!
  23. Galleraga is still around? Awesome.

    I also had a lul when Chipper got hurt, again. lol!

    Go Braves <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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