World's best car?

Discussion in '1962 Ferrari 250 GTO' started by Oliver Peck, Aug 9, 2002.

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    oh lord, what a car. reminds me of ferris buellers day off. i like this one more though. i wish i knew more about vintage italian automobile.
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    As much as I love this car I would have to rate it second to the 1932 Duesenberg SJ. 130MPH in 1932 is just to astonishing to overlook. And besides it's a huge two seat convertible.
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    Hate to disappoint you, but the car in that movie was a fake, 250GT Californias are EXTREMELY rare. It was actually an MGB that was built up to be a replica. It's rumored 5 were made for the movie.

    This, however, is an absolutely beautiful example of Ferrari's legacy.
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    Couldn't have said it better!
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    This is definately one of the most outstanding cars of it's era. But I'm puzzled by the 180 cu/in displacement on a V12 engine. That is tiny. To get 302hp out of a 180 cu/in displacement is a great feat especially in 1962, but why didn't they go with a bigger displacement.
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    even thoug its only got 300 horsies, its still a nice car... especilly for its time. but 289.55 bhp per weight is crazy. This thing could fly! Its the first time i see a Porsche thing on a ferarri...
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    I really believe that is car is overhyped. I mean It may have been great in it's day, but that's about it. It's seen it's day, and really isn't all that much to write home about. I can't understand why everyone and their brother says this car has such gracious styling, and while it looks good, here again, nothing special to report. I think the name "Ferrari" pretty much brings this car it's fame, not much more than that. I have to admit though, I do not know it's racing record...
    Talking through my hat? You bet.
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    The Gt40 is the best car from the 60s erra. Possibly even all time.
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    Definetly.. as a street legal. If we're couting anything the 908's and later version 917's take my cake... gorgeous and they just embody what racing automobiles is really all about. Power, finesse, and engineering.
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    Best car of its era?????
    Has everybody forgot the Lotus Type 21, the Lotus 23B, the Lotus 25 and of course the Lotus 49B??
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    that is an opinion.

    in the early 60s we had muscle cars all over the place that were as fast as this is and cost less (though admidantly less refined).

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the greatest car of its time should also be the fastest, and in hte 60s we had americans cars all over the place that were this fast if not faster.

    i believe that ford beat ferrari, and after that ferrari withdrew from lemans racing because of the car porsche was putting out that won le mans.

    so there are at least 2 cars greater than this that were both production cars.

    still, it is very beautiful and i still love the 3.0L v-12. velocity stack are the greatest thing ever and any car that has them is instantly cool in my book.
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    its a damn pretty car man, i love the banks of carbs on old ferraris they just look so yummy.
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    Absloutely, with the beautiful Scaligetti Body and 3 Liter V-12, this is one of the, if not the, world's best cars.
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    "World's best car?"

    it is a very hard statement to argue against. it is sure extra nice piece of technology but not necessarily the best one.

    cars like 250 LM (only 35 built), 250 TESTAROSSA (only 19 built), Jag XK SS (only 25 built for road) are nice as well.

    PS. i reckon that question is ambigious. there are way too many cars that you can think of to fit title of World's best car
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    Look, the original poster of the thread made a mistake:

    some people think "best" is the HP per dollar. others think its the 0-60 time. yet others, that its the top speed.

    threads like these are gonna have varied opinions, evident by the guy that would pick a duesenberg over a ferrari.

    for me, this is the best vintage race car. now, there are better cars, due to half a century of technological advances. cars like the f50 le mans (which i was lucky enough to see in action) can kill this car, in both speed and looks. i think we have to let go of the past and go to the future.
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    God i love that style.One of the best ferrari styles and better than a lot of car styles today.
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    its a bloody classic
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    i think its one of the most beautiful cars ever, for sure..theres something magical about it. THe performance wasnt bad either, still isnt. great car.
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    How is that a fact?There are plenty of other cars I would rather have instead of this,like 288GTO for example.
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    Sorry about that,I forgot to log off and my freind got on and started typing with my user name that dork.I would take this over the 288GTO even though I love the 288, the 250GTO is far more desirable not to mention far more expensive.As far as the thread question,(world's best car)I don't know I mean it is defintaley one of the best.Possibly the most expensive and or sought after as well,
    so on second thought I guess it is the best.
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    Style, performance, looks, race heritage it has it all.
    This car is a legend.
    It is no contest the World's best car period.
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    i dunno about worlds best but it is the world most expensive...12 million on was auctioned off for <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    It is
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    I think it is one of the worlds best cars, together with:

    Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic (great looks, great performance for its age)

    Aston Martin DB4 Zagato (One of the best looking cars in the world, very good engine)

    Lancia Delta HF Integrale (Stylish, and it's won 6 WRC-titles)

    McLaren F1 (Best Supercar ever)

    Porsche 911 GT3 (Best car of this moment)
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    You dickheads are all wrong. The best car of all time was the Pontiac Trans-Sport. LOOK IT UP YOU NEWBIES! The Scaglietti-bodied GTO is second best, but that kinda goes without saying, but nothing has ever matched the sheer driving excitement of the Trans-Sport. NOTHING. EVER.

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