World's rarest Lamborghini sold

Discussion in 'Classic Cars' started by jj4ever, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. easily the best thing you've ever said.
  2. I would do anything...
  3. I saw a 400GT convertible conversion... quite nice. Shame I wasn't into digital in 2003 though or had a better camera... ok, I had a nice camera but used 800 speed film (great for low light/high action panning but shitty for daylight static shots) when I should have used 200 speed film
  4. Usually i agree that i don't like garage queens, but a car as rare as this, it would be kinda understandable.
  5. sure but I don't get why a car that was stored 99% of its life needs to get a full restoration
  6. I've always been kinda torn about this car. It looks 'geek'-ified; like a hot chick in horn-rimmed glasses. The wheels are awful... by far the worst thing about this car & are WAY too skinny. If they filled those gorgeous wheel arches they cure 90% of what's wrong w/ the look of this car IMHO. The color (other than being a bit drab) doesn't bug me much at all.

    EDIT: good to hear from jj4ever again, I've missed your great posts! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  7. I've never liked to looks of the Miura.
  8. I love the Miura and that green roadster is my favorite
  9. daytona spyder please.
  10. that only matters for the people who care about the value of the car to sell it in the future, which means thay dont care about the car, only the name and the image. sadly.
  11. thanks man, i was busy latley, plus there is nothing intersting happened recently.
  12. i am not sure about this, but i heard that garage queens need more attention than the cars which used frequntly, becuse most of their mechincal/electrical parts may not work. also becuse the car had beeen modified heavily to add those zinc/chrome for the promotions, it needs alot of work to restor it to the original conditions.
    u can compare any new picture with the picture of the car when it was relased to see how heavy those modifications are
  13. thanks for those pics man. many customers converted their 350/400 GT to convirtibles after Lambo luanched the 350GTS. some of them are pooly converted, and few of them are piece of art.
  14. Sports cars without any racing heritage are not true sports cars
  15. Like the Ferrari F50 GT? Get real.
  16. Yes that F50 has no racing heritage, absolutely right
    let's just forget who made the damn thing and where the engine came from
  17. please, go back to the indis. forum. dont ruin this thread with ur childish posts.
  18. Your logic is flawed, not only because some, albeit very rare Lamborghinis DID race - they had a whole series - but a company with racing history is nothing but nostalgia for the modern models.

    IMO, only homologation cars hold their weight, and the F50, nor the Enzo where homologated for any series...

    Why Ferrari doesn't currently make a mid-engine, V12 car is beyond me.

  19. Yeah, PM me
  22. i didnt even know that there was a roadstar version, btw i would go with the normal one
  23. "let's just forget who made the damn thing and where the engine came from"
    do u really want to discuss this subject, and provide facts. and this time dont rely on FNAF stupid comments. just prove to me what u stated is right with facts.
  24. Bizarrini made the engine, is that enough racing heritage for you fanboy ass ?

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