World's rarest Lamborghini sold

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  1. regardless, Lambo has a strict no racing rule, so boo
  2. once again because your arguments are void you change the topic, who would have saw that coming ?
  3. What facts do you want? about the Engine? It's modelled from F1 engines and it was used in the 333SP before the F50
  4. The car was first intended as a race car, then later changed before production, it did not race, the engineers wanted to race it, but ferrucio did not, How many Lamborghinis were factory backed as a racing team? hmm? how many Miuras?
  5. The car wasn't intended as a race car, learn your shit. It was merely an after hours project - just like the XJ220.
    Still you didn't answered my point.
  6. Not enough because it did not race, and none raced before it, and after it

    so the Engineers did not want to race it?
  7. Yes in an earlier stage
  8. and what happened? did not Ferrucio disagree just like what I posted?
  9. Yes, but it went further then that. After all a racing car was built
  10. pics info?
  11. Do research on the Jota / Iota
  13. Agreed.
  14. you're not really helping your case here by posting a car that has only won one single race in it's entire career, and that's in the lowest class of JGTC
  15. Lamborghini 291 Formula 1 Team
    Profile Lamborghini 291
    FirstRace 1991-03-10 Phoenix
    Last Race 1991-11-03 Adelaide
    Lamborghini 291 Statistics in Formula1
    Cars 32
    Victories 0
    Podium 0
    Pole Position 0
    Fastest Lap 0
    Finish in points 0
    Points 0.00
    Seasons 1
    Tracks 16
    Drivers 2
  16. "Sports cars without ANY racing heritage are not true sports cars"

    I see, what you meant to say was...

    "Sports cars without any SUCCESSFUL racing heritage are not true sports cars"

    I love you guys w/ your 'Jonny-come-lately' qualifiers when your original arguement falls on it's face... you may still have a point there but now I'm afraid it's just on top of your head.
  17. then that F50GT is not better than Lambo F1 cars, becuse both of them didnt win any race.

    based on ur logic (if there is any logic in ur conversation) Corvette C5 is more true sport car than gallardo or murcielago.

    plz grow up, you are not better than FNAF, at least nobody took his comments seriously becuse we all know(including him) that he is stuipd, but u think ur a samrt, but you are not.
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    go educate ur self (and at least know somthing about cars) and read my thread about Ferrucio and u will know about his reason of not having racing programs in Lamborghini
  19. ferrucio didnt stop his engineers from building "special" project cars whcih are racing cars, specially Bob Wallace. that why Wallace made 3 of the hottests cars of the 1970's. also, Ferrucio gave his engineers this oppurtinty to show their skills, so he can use their ideas of in his road cars, like what happended with the Miura Jota and the SV.
  20. this type of stupid members prevents me from posting like before, god, and this forum is full of them.
  21. i agree that the headlights look a little out of place. however, from any other angle this car looks perfect to me. i could stare at this or the sv all day, and i bet many of you could as well.
  23. Sport cars that don't sport aren't sports cars. Thanks for the tip.
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