World's rarest Lamborghini sold

Discussion in 'Classic Cars' started by jj4ever, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. true
  2. Does anyone know how much this car is worth potentially?
  3. Holy shit, my exact words when I saw the pics.

    EDIT: Damn...bump from hell.
  4. 1 million dollars plus
  5. Roadster is amazing, but what colour is it at the moment, and what colour will it be after restoration?
  6. make id black or red :p
  7. present green
    after resto light blue
  8. bit offtopic, but does anyone know what money the lambo monza went for?
  9. you're on crack.
  10. Wonder where all those Zinc parts will end up?
  11. I've heard many times of it being a tad over 500k €, can't confirm if its true or not
  12. They will be stored away.
  13. The Monza went for a pathetic 177500 �...
  14. overrated
  15. Care to explain further ?

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