World's top 5 greatest cars

Discussion in '1993 McLaren F1 GTR' started by 300ZXfreakk, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. I drove this car

    I drove it in NFS HS and it was the greatest thing EVER!!!!
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    Re: I drove this car

    LOL - But I really know someone who drove one (not the GTR but the LM) 3 years ago...u can visit and watch the comment of Roland K.!-I didn't believe him so I wrote an email and we talked about the "testdrive" with the holy Mc Laren F1 LM - And can u imagine he said he didn't like the middle position???-Unbelievable!!!
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  4. Re: This vs. CLK-GTR

  5. Re: I drove this car

    Yes and I drove the FZR 2000 for real...hehehehehe
  6. Re: I drove this car

    Did u take any pictures of u driving it cuz i dont believe u so if u did post some pics!!!
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    McLaren f1 GT-X add on car to NFS HP#

    On I downloaded a McLaren f1 GT-X (Extreme) to my NFS game, NFS HP3. It's a modified McLaren F1 GTR, with lowered body stance, a new rear wing, and a LOT of horespower. And my, this car goes FREAKING fast, I once drove this car to 385 mph! That's my new speed record now. It also looks hell-a good with that new rear wing. To download this car to NFS HP3, go to, look for the NFS HP3 list on the side of the page (it's listed with other NFS games), click on brands, click on McLaren, and look for the McLaren f1 GT-X.

  9. Re: OLD AND SHIT!!

    You ugly retarded *****!Just get away from here and shut the #$%# up u bastard!!!!!!
    The Lambos are all old and shit and u also are probably old and shit and ugly!
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  10. Re: World's top 5 greatest cars

    You are right on the point that Europeans make the finest cars!!!!
  11. Re: McLaren f1 GT-X add on car to NFS HP#

    Not to be mean or anything but I honestly think that nobody really cares about that.
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    1) Dauer 962 LM
    2) Mclaren F1 LM
    3) Koenigsegg CC 8s
    4) Carrera GT
    5) Mosler MT900 TT (coming soon)

  13. Re: This vs. CLK-GTR

    Yeah, I disagree. I think anyone who knew anything about the car would too. It's a damn race car, how much can it possibly suck? Not to mention the race version doesn't weigh as much as the road going version, which is the stats he has here.
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    But there were so many efforts to make this car a top car!-This car was reproduced for so many times.....for me it doesn't count caus a really good supercar is the one that comes out and beats alle the others!!!!
    -----> Mc Laren F1 and Ferrari Enzo
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  16. Re: This vs. CLK-GTR

    When you say "this", what are you talking about?

    Are you saying that the only two good supercars are the F1 and the Enzo? They're not even the best supercars (Think Dauer 962LM, Koenigsegg CC 8s).

    While the Mclaren was revolutionary, it's simply not the fastest anymore. It is one of the greatest cars of its time. What exactly has the Enzo beaten that puts it on your list of cars that "beats alle the others"? Nothing. Ferrari won't even let magazines performance test it, just some bullshit first drives.
  17. Re: World's top 5 greatest cars

    You didn't need that statement saying American cars don't belong in the top 5; We all saw your biases in your sig.
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    McLAren F1 GTR
  19. Re: World's top 5 greatest cars

    Koenigsegg CC 8S
    Pagani Zonda C12 7.3
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    Pahhahaha....the Pagani Zonda....LOL...this car stinks....!!!!
    -I saw a test report on television and they said many bad things about it!!!-and it sucked when they tested it on a track!
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    Here's my opinion:
    1)McLaren F1LM
    2)McLaren F1
    3)Maybach 62
    4)Ferrari Enzo
    5)Pagani Zonda C12S 7,3
    6)Mercedes SL600
    7)Mercedes SL55AMG
    8)Mercedes SL73AMG
    9)Lamborghini Murcielago
    10)Porsche 911 GT1
  22. Re: World's top 5 greatest cars

    Actually in the Top Gear test they had many good things to say about it, not to mention it slapped the Murcielago around pretty hard on the track. You should take a look at the test, the Zonda got first place.
  23. Re: World's top 5 greatest cars

    Aha really,
    In the test I saw the Zonda finished behind the Murcielago and the 575 Maranello M third!
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    Aha really,
    In the test I saw the Zonda finished behind the Murcielago and the 575 Maranello M third!
  25. Re: World's top 5 greatest cars

    Aha really,
    In the test I saw the Zonda finished behind the Murcielago and the 575 Maranello M third!

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