World's top 5 greatest cars

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    Well I think iz very obvious which car I ment!-The CLK was reproduced...!-So far!-U got that!
    What the Enzo makes one of the best Supercars ever,...
    Well, iz just perfect!Incredible fast, best breaking with the LM and and the Handling is a master piece!
    As well as the F1!!!
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    Mclaren F1 all the way,and that clk-GTr needs a different front end,one that doesn't look like a luxocruiser,lol.
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    On track “Lotus designed figure of eight” 1.76 mile

    Zonda S 1’24”5
    Murciélago 1’26”2
    Mercedes 1’29”3
    TVR Cerbera 1’30”8
    Ferrari 575 F1 1’30”9
    Aston Martin 1’31”6
    Porsche DNF (cause gear linkage...)
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    I care !

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    Your avatar is very nice!
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    I ment on a racetrack called "Nordschleife" in Germany!!!
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    7,44 = 161 km/h 2002 Pagani Zonda S, Horst von Saurma, Sport Auto 2002

    7,52 = 159 km/h 2002 Lamborghini Murcielago 570 ps, Horst von Saurma, Sport Auto 2002.

    8,07 = 152 km/h Ferrari 550 Maranello, Sport Auto 1998/1999

    Who would have thought, the Zonda is still on top. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    You are right,no doubt!
    And I am right,too.No doubt!
    -I saw "Sport Auto TV" on german DSF and they tested many cars like the Lambo, the Zonda or the 575M...
    BTW...I talked about the time of a whole lap...not the top speed!!!
    BTW again: They drove a Tech Art GT Street to destruction during a testrun of "Sport Auto TV" ... (-;
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    My fault.
    What I ment was the "Nürburg Ring"!!!
    The Lap is much shorter.Its like a short sprint.
    So I have to excuse myself for shouting that loudly that the Zonda sucks!
    Anyway...Lambo first, Zonda 2nd and Maranello I think 3rd,4th or sth like that (Don't mind)!
    But I think what really counts is the "Nordschleife" so the Pagani seems to be a bit better!!!So sorry again!
    But I would anyway prefer the Lambo caus its 4wd (-:

    BTW-Yesterday I saw an old Lamborghini Diablo VT...damn nice!!!!
    I also saw the Hamann 360 Modena and an ordinary 360 Spider...and yes they rock!!!
    And I saw the F40...which is a very impressive vehicle (-;
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    They also drove the Tech Art GT Street to destruction when they wanted to break the Gemballa's record...LOL...(or shame!?)
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    I have got a quo again:
    Was there ever a Mc Laren F1 on the "Nordschleife"???
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    I think the Zonda currently holds the record at Nordschleife (for stock production cars), so it surely isn't a bad car (although the Enzo has never been tested there, and the Carrera GT will almost certainly be faster than the Zonda). I'm also hoping to see maybe the Veyron and the Dauer out there, although it seems unlikely.

    As for the Mclaren, I don't believe it's ever been run there. I would probably expect times around those of the Zonda for the regular F1 (9 or so years is a huge gap as cars go). As for the F1 LM, it would most certainly be faster, probably running around a 7,35 - 7,40. These are just my guesses, however.
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    According to your post that u would expect times for a Mc Laren F1 around those of the Zonda I think u are very wrong!
    Niki Lauda once used to talk about the Nordschleife and he said his record would be topped very sure by Michael Schumacher or any other Formula One or rally pilot!
    He also said that Michael would probably set a new record with the Enzo and the time would be around 30 seconds faster (or even more - according to N.Lauda)!He said cars like the Enzo have the potential to set new limits and records because they are very light weight and powerful!

    My opinion is nearly the same and that would mean that e.g. the Enzo or even the F1 would set a new incredible record for street legal cars!
    And I think that the F1 LM would set an nearly unbeatable record for that category!!!

    The Zonda is 200 kg heavier than the F1 and that means (of course) a very worse round time!

    The F1 LM has even less weight than the standard F1 and more power-->
    I think the result would be clear...especially if Michael Schumacher would drive this car!
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    Why would Schumacher be at the wheel of the F1 around the 'Ring? As for the F1 vs. Zonda, keep in mind the F1 was in no way designed to go fast around a track (although it seems to do it pretty well). The Zonda also seems to be able to set lap times better than its power/weight would suggest (and it has a comfortable 9 (or so) year lead on the Mclaren in terms of technology. That's huge when talking cars.)

    If we were talking simply street legal cars, there's no way the Mclaren F1 would compete with the Porsche Gemballa GTR Biturbo (7:32) and even less so with the Gemballa 750 EVO (untested, but faster than the Biturbo). Even the Enzo would have one hell of a time there. I'm interested in seeing what the Bugatti Veyron will put up for times. 1000hp will give it a huge advantage on the straights...
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    u said 1000hp of the Veyron would be an advantage!
    I think its a disadvantage because the whole car has a very high weight because of the quad-turbo engine!(The Diablo weights about 1.6 tons - very heavy weight) And that means a very very worse track time!
    As Gordon Murray used to a high point of speed the hp become irrelevant! Weight and aerodynamic are the 2 main facts that makes a car well handled at a high top speed!
    I don’t think that the Bugatti will handle very well!
    But I am also very interested to see the car going along the track!
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    One problem there. When talking high speed acceleration, power is more important than weight as drag is much harder to overcome than weight. Also downforce is another factor when talking high speed cornering, and although no numbers have been forthcoming, I would find it very hard to believe that the Mclaren has even close to the amount of downforce the Veyron will most likely have.

    Also, someone who took the Mclaren for a top speed attempt (Andy Wallace if I'm not mistaken) described the Mclaren as being "aerodynamically unstable". Yet another factor that would hurt high speed handling.

    Oh well, the Mclaren will never see the 'Ring, so it's kinda useless to compare.
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    no such thing as HP3...sorry
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    c'mon guys!!!

    1. Bugatti 16/4 Veyron
    2. Dauer 962 LeMans
    3. Mercedes CLK-GTR Super sport
    4. Mercedes CLK-GTR
    5. McLaren F1 LM
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    It is exactly the oposite of what u say!
    The car handles very well at a very high speed and the aerodynamci felt better and better the higher the speed was!
    And bro' don't belive that the Veyron will be fast on a track caus it won't!
    But the mainfact is of course the aerodynamic and with more downforce u get of course less topspeed!
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    yes i disagree, it does not by ne means suck. although i'll go with the Mac.
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    it pains me to think no one has mentioned the R390........

    1. Nissan R390 GT1
    2. McLaren F1
    3. McLaren F1 LM
    4. Mercedes CLR
    5. McLaren F1 GT
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    1. Dauer 962 LM
    2. CLK-GTR SS
    3. Bentley Speed 8
    4. Toyota GT-0ne
    5. Pagani Zonda Race Car
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    Yeah think u like LM cars!Haha!

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