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  1. I am a lover of most cars and can appreciate what goes into a car. but i must draw the line here. This PT Cruiser, convertible or not, is not a car but a folly in the car industry that someone should erase from the books and dis-claim it if you invented it (Chrysler). But i suppose thats all we could expect from them after the wonderful 300m (awful) or the sebring (a lack luster attempt at "sporty"). down to the point, I know that there are many of us out there that despise this car, and i am just speaking up to let peole know

    thank you
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    your a moron, why is it car of the year and the best selling, and why was the 300m car of the year, name one car in its class that has one stat above the 300m,
    thank you, dumbass, this car isnt meant to be fast or luxurious, its meant to be a stylish cheap shitbox and thats what it is so you cant dis it, its a neon, but it has style for days, so piss off and the 300m rules its class so your stupid. and there was nothing wrong with the sebring you have to consider the class the car is in.<!-- Signature -->
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    The Aztec is an award winning car, yet you probably still think it's ugly, and a Bonneville tops a 300M in every category.<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree, I hate the PT Cruiser and Chrysler, their cars are crap.
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    I have no IDEA what your talking about because when th PT firt came out my dad sold 102 of them in 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Antiford</i>
    <b>I agree, I hate the PT Cruiser and Chrysler, their cars are crap.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    The PT is excellent, and definitely not crap.

    BTW, it shares 8 bolts with the Neon, and that's it. If you don't know anything, don't make comments that show how stupid you are. Ok?<!-- Signature -->
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    chrysler is a car companie for the low income people,they make crappy cars and they look like sht. the pt cruisers, i see people pimpin em up, they still are crappy, u cant make it a fast car, it dont look right, god daym. if u wanna do that go buy a car thats equivalent to the pt crap, an import car, which is still crap but u get respect for that crap from some people. if u want a real car, buy a ford ;) <!-- Signature -->
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    I seriously cant believe people actually by this crappy, poor excuse for a car!!!
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    You're an idiot. Plain and simple, an idiot. It's versatile, stylish, fun to drive (and you KNOW the kinds of cars I've owned and driven!).

    I've had my PT for 20,000 miles, and it's been flawless. The 5 speed is smooth, and the car handles excellent, not just for it's type (a tall station wagon, essentially) but in general (and again, as an SCCA racer for decades, and building national champion autocrossers, I know what good handling is!).

    The build quality is excellent for the price, and it's a solid car.

    If YOU have no experience with them, shut the hell up, because you're an ignorant moron.
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    "they look like sht. the pt cruisers, i see people pimpin em up, they still are crappy, u cant make it a fast car, it dont look right, god daym"

    If the world allows you to breed, it'll be a sadder place. You are a closed minded moron. See my post directly above this one.

    Oh, BTW, you certainly can make it fast, pretty easily. The stock 5 speed PT is almost as fast as my SVT Contour was, though IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE TO BE A PRACTICAL, CUSTOM, FAMILY HAULER!!!!!!!

    And the aftermarket and factory turbo versions are more than strong enough.

    Grow up, and get a clue, retard. You are also now on my list of assholes.
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    What is the PT Cruiser Turbo's performance stats?
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    Well, magazines haven't tested teh 5 speed turbos yet, as far as I know. They are quicker than teh automatics in this application (though I'm sure that the auto can be modded to be quicker). The turbo 5 speed PT I drove this week was definitely quicker than my SVT Contour was. I'd say in the low 6 second 0-60 range. While the regular PT was drag limited to 112 mph, the turbo PT is electronically limited to around 140 mph...

    Not too shabby for a very practical people and stuff mover.
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    i agree. its style practically ruins everything.
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    IT IS!!!!! Ever seen one? They messed up big time on the back. Just visit "Ugliest Cars In Britain" and view the "Guest Cars" place (BTW, they also have a PT)

    GM owns both Chrsyler and Pontiac...

    The Cavalier is a sunfire, really.
    Impala and Malibu are really the same.

    Don't believe me, look closer.
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    Those who hate this car are insane.

    To all the sane people, this car is one of the best stylish cars I've seen.
  18. !st, been in a PT cruiser, they suck. Eveyone I know hates PT cruisers, and there NOT stylish, you need glasses.
  19. My aunt has a white one of these. Such a little #%$gy car.

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