worst movie youve ever seen?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Phanofmuzik, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. What is it?

    for me, its Crossover. Hilariously bad.
  2. this is going to piss off alot of people, but 2001 ASO
  3. Ghostrider
  4. avoided like the plague
  5. I guess you dont watch alot of movies.
  6. I do actually.
  7. i actually watched the entire Turkish Star Wars when I was bored
  8. then you are stupid
  9. white chicks
  10. Starship troopers 2
  11. Spice girls movie
  12. Battlefield Earth.

    However, I couldn't stop myself from watching the whole thing. It's like looking at a car crash as you drive by, you just can't not look, no matter how terrible it is.
  13. Biker Boyz

    and I forgot ALOT of bad ones
  14. Read up on what is going on in the movie and I think you will begin to appreciate it.

    The monolith isn't meaningless.
  15. i did. i tried to like it, I really did. I just cant like a movie with 2 hours of filler and 30 minutes of plot development. that 15 minute acid trip didnt help it none.

    I've never waited for a movie to end as much as I did with 2001.
  16. '2 hours of filler'... come on...
  17. no, i did. I see all those things that people love in this movie, but I just dont think its as brilliant as people say. furthermore, I think the movie was almost pretentious. its like kubrick thinking he can get away with making a movie being as dry and boring as that and claiming it was brilliant. it wasnt brilliant, the slow development of plot was BORING.

    is it wrong for me to think that for a movie to be good, it should capture your attention? i wasnt interested in the movie at all after like an hour in. a movie shouldnt make you glance at your clock wondering "how much more could there be?"

    And I genuinely DID care for the plot, what was there at least. but the way it was presented made me want to shoot myself.

    i do agree that the opening with the monolith and the monkeys is one of the greatest movie scenes of all time though.
  18. and I dont think that slow cant be good, the original solaris [and the remake for that matter] were very slow paced but still kept your attention
  19. You haven't watched a lot of foreign cinema, I guess. French film has pretty much 0 plot development. That doesn't mean the movies aren't worth watching, or that they're filler...
  20. Not necessarily the worst, but one of the worst. I was flipping through channels and it was on, so I watched most of it. So amazingly unfunny. It's truly as if the director didn't understand humor. I was just surprised how bad it was given the cast.
  21. true, i usually dont watch foreign films. guess i wont like them.
  22. Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow.

    so. boring.
  23. you should watch the original russian solaris
  24. seriously, Zack Braff AND Jason Bateman? two of TV's funniest actors. how could they fail so hard?

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