worst movie youve ever seen?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Phanofmuzik, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. wtfs wrong with you people?

    crank was amazing.

    it was so over the top and they never even tried to make it anything but. just a pure action flick with laffs in it due to absurdity. srsly a movie to just enjoy. no thinking/paying attention needed. just lufls.
  2. a friend told me the same thing, i still think it is crap.
  3. o brother where are thou
    with george clooney
    was very bad
  4. Every horror movie I give a chance to becomes the next worst. Being 13 and watching that halfbreed in Alien Resurrection get sucked out out into space through that tiny hole, mirrors or children or masked killers aren't scarier than that.
  5. jhahahahahahaha what i'll cut your #$%#ing trachea out of your ballsac
  6. I was just about to say the same thing.......... I did enjoy the harriers kicking ass though in the final battle........... which raises some questions

    How did all of Earth's forces put up a "9 minute" fight when a hand full of harriers did so well........ and since its 1000 years after mankind was enslaved, wouldn't the fuel in the harriers have gone bad by then?
  7. yeah in general it's total bullshit.
  8. I think Die Hard 4, or Quantum of Solace are definitely up there.

    As well as being huge dissapointments, they were simply terrible films.
  9. Die Hard 4 was an enjoyable movie.
  10. Spice World.
  11. What the #$%#? Have you seen like 5 movies in your whole life?
  12. Yeah, I'm amazed at some of these posts. If you can't find a worse movie than some of these, then you haven't seen enough movies to participate.
  13. As far as big blockbusters.

    There are several hundred awful films that I can't even remember that would probably be worse.
  14. in what way?
  15. Shutup it was good.
  16. WUT?

    That movie was awesome
  17. Attila the hun. they tried to make it a war movie.....it made me laugh of how horrible the battle scenes wur with only 10 to 15 guys fighting a "huge battle" and then they say "send in the reinforcements!".....5 more guys enter the battle. tey got it at blockbuster ya shud watch it jus to apreciate how embarrasing this movie is
  18. Yeah, great troll post here.

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