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Discussion in '1970 Porsche 914' started by bob777, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. which would you take this 914 or the triumph TR7
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    Worst Porsche? Yes and no. It was actually sold as a VW Porsche due to the use of an upgraded Beetle motor. So, yes, worst Porsche or maybe it is the best VW?

    PS. Truimph TR7, gimme a break! Why would you WANT to own an old British car? Waddayou a masochist or something?
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    the 914 easily. screw some old brittish hunka junk. sure the 914 was at the low end of porsche's regime of automobiles, but it was for a reason. they were trying to reach out to a broader audience. the datsun 240z eventually ran the 914 out, with lower prices and better numbers. the car has excellent handling though, and with the 2.0L motor, it's a fine ride. if you're looking for power, you can do a 6 cylinder swap, or go balls to the wall and do something crazy like a 350 swap or even a mazda rotary swap. I've seen them all. and i've seen 914's smoke 911's. in my opinion, the 924 is the worst porsche.<!-- Signature -->
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    Fortunately, VW designed the motor, so you can say it isn't Porsches fault
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    I love porsches, and i hate to say that there is a "worst one" but i think this one has to be it. The 1963 356B 2000 kills it in performance! Sorry, 914. I would take this over a Triumph, though
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    The 356B does NOT "kill" the 914 in performance. The 914 outhandles every 356 and carries speed better than the 912 or early 911s, too.<!-- Signature -->
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    Some people should see it in real life.

    How can they think it is the worst Porsche ?
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    Because in nfs Porsche unleashed, you can drive all Porsches and the 914 is the only ugly one.
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    Yea this gets my vote as the worst porsche. (I dont even consider the cayanne to be a true porsche) Any way i have never driven this car but i heard that even though it had its engine in the back it had terrible understeer problems. Can anyone confirm or deny this.
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    Neither of them.
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    Yes it probably is the worst porsche because of its 110 miles per hour top speed. This is the car I hope to buy and I am not rich or anything special. This Porsche was made for a wider audience. I found one website through 7search that was all Porsce classified ads. I found a Red one in perfect condition with only 50000 miles on the odometer for only $6800
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    Porsche 914 because I can easily afford it.

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    This Porsche is not the worst one..I dare to say the worst one is a early 944..now that's an ugly pos..
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    I have to agree with you. This is the worst looking Porsche ever. Then again, it was the 70's.
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    Well it's actually not that bad. But compared to some of the best cars porch has given us in the past; 917, 911, Carrera GT etc..., yeah I would agree that it's a crappy car. Porch could have done much better.
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    I have a 1974 914 that started life as a 1.8L. As for being the "worst porsche"... in a straight line, bone stock, yes, its probably the "worst". Ugliest, no. It looks a heck of a lot better up close. Worst handling? Definitely not. Mine will pull .90 lateral g's.
    Now, with a little money ($2500 total) you can put a 2270cc motor cranking out 160hp and 175 lb-ft of torque in a 2000 lb car. Do the math. This is what i did in my car and it hauls. I've beaten mustang gt's in this car. No joke. My 0-60mph time is 6.07 seconds according to a speed trap. As for autocrossing, not much comes close. This car will hang right up there with a new WRX.
    Don't trash cars because you saw some numbers on a website that weren't too impressive and you didn't like how the car looked in a video game.
    As for "worst porsche ever", all around i would say the 924 or 912.


    As for terminal understeer, I haven't seen any. If anything there is some oversteer, but the car is overall really well balanced. You really have to push the suckers to get them to break loose at all
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    I have seen it up close (I know a guy with one) and, in fact, it is the ugliest Porsche. Porsches aren't boxes; they are aerodynamic. This guy was bragging that he had a 914 and was telling us it might not beat a 911 in a line (that's a given) but it can kick 911 ass in the turns. That is likely. He said it can take a turn flat at 90, but I don't think anybody would have the patience to wait for the car to go that fast.
  18. I think it's the worst Porsche because of the low hp.
  19. It looks a lot better in real life than it does in pictures, and it handles great too. I like it
  20. well Vw and porsche have allways been the same company so you still do have to blame porsche for the engine and the and the original bug or in germany the voltswagon was desinged by Mr.Porsche in 1936 to be a car that can run on the autoban and was his first company.
  21. I have to stand up for the 914. My father and I built a 74' with an Olds QUAD 4 motor swap. The front suspension has been traded for 911T parts, then added magnesium racing wheels off a 911SC with 205/225 staggers. we then stripped the thing, added a much better looking front bumper and widened the fenders.

    So all in all for under $8000.00, mind you it's still a work in process, we've got a car that weighs 2000lbs with 200 bhp that'll run circles around just about anything on an autocross course. 914's may have been underpowered initially, but give them a little love and you'll be hard pressed to find a better track day toy.

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